My son wins the lottery does his stepmother have the right to claim some of the money?


Just a hypothetical...I gave my 20 year old son a NY MEGA Lotto subscription for Xmas. Let's say he wins the jackpot while I'm in the middle of divorcing my wife. Does she have the right to claim any of his winnings just because I bought him the subscription? I registered it under his name and SSI

NOTE: She is not his biological mother but I'm his biological father and they both live with me. 



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No. He is not a minor and the ticket is registered under his name meaning it's all his money when he wins. You too have no legal claim to any money he wins unless there was an agreement to split the bread between the two of you and if such an agreement exists then she also gets in on the action


He wanted be able to get the until he 21 anyway and since its in his name ,you are she can claim anything, its what he feel about her did she treat his like a mother, did she help raise him, was she there for him when he needed a mother love,remember you gave it to him,so you have no right to expect no more than he give.


what I am saying it should be his deceived"

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The age limit in NY is 18, the subscription is his name with his SS number, but nowhere on the ticket or in the NY Lottery rules does it say anything about sharing the winnings with anybody except Federal, state, and city taxes. There are several topics discussing how jackpot winners should spend their winnings and sharing with family members was mentioned several times.


You live in Staten Island, and your biggest worry is how to react to a meteorite hitting you on the head? Green laugh


Understood. Thank you for your educated replies.

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Should the situation ever come up you'd better get a real attorney.

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I am a real attorney.  He is considered an adult at age 18 therefore she is not entitled to a dime if he does not gift it to her (-:  UNLESS they have a written agreement to do so.  The divorce is between yu and your soon to be ex not you and your children since he is an adult.  Now, if he was under the age if 18 that would be a different story


Thank you sir. Makes sense for him to decide what to do with the winnings despite of my living situation. Much appreciated :)

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That's a great gift. Do you have to play the same numbers all year.

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If your son is lucky enough to win a jackpot or a large price, he should get independent professional legal advice on how best to claim his prize.

He may be able to claim the prize anonymously, as winners can in some states. If not, he may be able to claim the prize through a company or trust, he can set up in the event of a win to  maintain his anonymity.


Good luck to him.

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LOL It's good to dream

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 Good Luck BankHead 2015 ! You are looking forward to next year.  Do get professional legal advice.Big Smile

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"Now, if he was under the age if 18 that would be a different story"

If the son was under 18, it would be impossible for him to collect any lottery winnings. It's possible to create a hypothesis where the step mother was seeking custody of a minor step child who was inheriting a large sum of money, but that wouldn't be lottery related.

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