Argentinian Lottery Games


Hi , I´m from Argentina and I find quite interesting the information and systems

of many lotteries in the US and around the world , wheels and many more

you are very advanced , but not here.

In my country there are two popular and millionaire games called

Quini 6  6/45 , and Loto 00/41 plus another two balls named jackpot that goes from 00 to 09.


My question is what kind of system do you say could be the most effective to win ?

I mean wheeling , or using a software  ?

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XENEIZE , welcome to Lottery Post.  During this Holiday Season here in the US some LP members are away with their families, friends, etc..  So, you should continue posting until after January 2, 2015. Then you will get more responses.  Good Luck with your Lottery playing.

  Are you enjoying Summer ? or is it a little too hot now ?

 I have family in Australia and they are celebrating Christmas and New Year at the beach.

 Here is to Peace & Friendship between our countries.


Thank you for your answer , here is hot and rainy too

Of course I believe in the friendship between our countries

and us because we are common people not politicians.

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