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" Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas to everyone born today...



                                                    " Happy Birthday " to all , past and present members of Lottery post

                                                                                  Have a Great Day.!




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WOW !!  there are a lot of Christmas babies who are LP members!! I wonder ? is that a good thing for the person ?

 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015 !    Party

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In response to music*

It  is  a  Good  thing  all  except  for the  Presents    music   Smile


I have a  Niece that was born on  Christmas  Day   ( my  Sister named  her  Holly  )


When the  Christmas  presents are given out on Christmas  Day  , most forget about the extra  Birthday  gift , and that it is their Birthday  also  ( but not all forget )  , some even remember  to have them a Birthday party


So  Happy   Birthday   To  All   Born  On  This  Special  Day  Party


And  Merry  Christmas   To  You   Also     Party


And   Merry  Christmas   To  Everyone  On  Lottery  Post


And  Happy  Birthday   Holly   Party

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Jani Norman, Thank You for baking and decorating a cake on Christmas day.  Sad Cheers

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PartyHappy Birthday and Merry Christmas everybody.

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Happy Birthday everyone....................  Party

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