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It seems like there hasn't been too much new discussion in the Forums lately.  I guess everyone is doing last minute Christmas shopping, with whatever money they did Win playing lottery.

In any case, may everyone have a Safe, Joyful, and BlessedHoliday Season. Christmas is just like Thanksgiving, it is not about receiving, it is about giving.  No matter how you celebrate the HolidayCulturally, it is a time to reflect upon the virtue of Gratitude, and remember  every aspect of your life, that you truly appreciate, including your children, who want every toy or electronic device in the store.  Think of your children as a Blessing, rather than an expense, around the Holiday Season.

New Years is always a new beginning. Rather than making a long list of New YearsResolutions, half of which you won't honor, simply resolve to live in the presentmoment, with a joyful spirit. 

Take note of Divine Grace in your life, manifesting in subtle signs, as guidance, in the months to come.

May 2015 be a "Sweet Surprise" for everyone.

Joyful Holidays, and a Blessed New Year, to everyone !!!

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Hoping the Lottery Gods give everyone the winnings they deserve!!

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In response to CTNY

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In response to hearsetrax

But I thought SantaNoel ummm never mind Catmas it isWhite Bounce

Everyone be safe out there. Go easy on the spiked eggnog!!

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Thanks for the reminder CT......I forgot my eggnog at the store yesterday....

Have my Xmas day clothes (mello yellow t-shirt, red converse hi- tops, joc strap and Santa hat)
all ready to wear while handing out the presents......

Merry Christmas to all !!

Have a blessed and prosperus(lottery related) New Year

Big Grin Santa

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In response to CDanaT

Surrender lol

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