El Gordo (The Fat One)

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I believe a "FAT ONE" lottery would be very popular with US players.

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Hurray! I like the once a year option. Hyper


I wanted to take the survey but I don't know what exactly "FAT ONE" means.

By they way does anyone know why i can't log into my account? I signed up yesterday and today I can't log in, it keeps saying welcome guest so I had to re-register.

Also i can't find my posts from yesterday, it's all gone.

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I'd play for the "Fat one" but only once for the grins of it and probably never again

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Yes, I will play a lottery that just one time a year.

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I always MUSL should start something like this in addition to PB and MM.

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In response to TinTran649

Ask Todd. Sounds like your account got banned for a no-no.

El Gordo means Fat One in Spanish. It's a big lottery played once a year in Spain. Very popular over there.


This actually might appeal to Thrifty ... only playing once a year !


It Rocks!!!

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In response to Crazy Wombat

Yes, I think it would be the perfect game for Thrifty! Big Smile

And I would probably play this game if it was available here.

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FYI, one El Gordo ticket cost $243. How many tickets to you want?

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Wow, well if it's once a year like at Christmas I would probably stick to buying one. I can save up for it. LOL

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In response to ThatScaryChick

I'm taking about US lotteries setting up a similar type of lottery in the US., not playing the Spanish lottery from the US.

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So you would play a game that has dollar-for-dollar odds of 1 in 24,300,000 for a chance to win just under $5 million at the most? And at a cost of $243?

Heck, that's actually worse than Monopoly Millionaires' Club LOL

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Not sure why it didn't save my edit.

Anyway, even at $243 this game only pays out 70% which is more than most lotteries but still less than some scratch-offs in many states.

El Gordo wouldn't work in the U.S. because the states can't hardly even cooperate for the other games. Look at MM and PB. Run by 2 different groups. The closest thing they've come up with is MMC and that was a flop. And federally-encouraged gambling wouldn't go over well for many of the lobbyists and their backers.

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