Benford Pick 3 Excel Files - All States

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I put together an All States Benford Excel files.

I have received many PM's for individual states and it is too time consuming to create a game for each state request.

The Excel files are for version 2007, 2010, and 2013


Create a new folder and name it whatever you like. Example, BenfordPick3

Download the following 2 Excel files and place them into you new folder created above.

Open the Excel file P3StateDraws.xlsm.  This Excel file contains all the draw histories of each state including the Canadian Pick 3 draws.

Keep the P3StateDraws.xlsm open then click File > Open and browse to the folder where you saved the Excel files and open the 2nd Excel file BenfordPick3.xlsm.  It may take about 30 seconds for the 2nd Excel file to calculate all the formulas.

Click the tab at the bottom labeled "Dashboard"

Click cell G4.  You should see a drop-down arrow to the right.  Click the drop-down arrow and select your states game from the list.

Give the file a few seconds again to recalculate your states draws.

I will put together a short video on how to use the other Tabs


thank u

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In response to winsumloosesum

Hello again winsum...hope you had a nice Christmas...i am not comprehending your instructions after downloading the two excel files and i opened states draw files and all cells have #N/A in them...i have been on computer 5.5 hours and am so discouraged...any and all help you can give me to get started is greatly appreciated

thanking you in advance


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