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Good morning everyone, I dream i was surrounded by a bunch of  different color snakes, and the same thing with my boyfriend he dreamt about a big black snake.



Thanks for any reply post.

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  Big black snake  (Normalized)

Method 1:  5-7-7-8

Method 2:  2-3-7-4
Method 3:  9-1-1-2
Method 4:  7-6-5-1
Method 5:  7-0-2-7
Method 6:  5-5-7-9

Method 1:  3-0-8

Method 2:  7-0-6
Method 3:  7-9-3
Method 4:  7-7-8
Method 5:  6-7-5
Method 6:  3-3-8

Horny Snake

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Thanks collegem$, scary dreams........I hate snakesEek

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Good Morning

Snakes-enemy, death

103, 236, 462

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Well the death just happen this morning, my friend lost her 11 days old baby. Very sad

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19,  21,  26, 29,  39, 88,  99

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Oh I am so sorry to hear of the loss, especially a baby. I'm a mother and could not nor would not want to experience that grief.

Lets pray for the entire family's strength but lift the mom up even higher.

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Thanks for all the reply

Thanks cookie392 same here I spend a week comforting her while he was on life support, sadly he drifted into God arms this morning,  that was her 1st baby is always hard to lose a child, i have before.

Thanks for the prayer request, much needed

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236, 369 works for me every single time.

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462 Box Hit Tri State 

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Your Welcome.

All the best.

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Snakes  054***336**362**186**926  173  6490  623

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And Again Turks Lady 462 str8 Tri State woweeee 

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Ouch sorry didn't play since yesterday, was helping my friend dealing with the hard time...I hope someone catch it. Thanks

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