Fun 5's scratch off in Texas


Just filed today, $248 million dollar mass suit against G-Tech, owners of said ticket.  Search to read update.  Filed in Travis County Texas.

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What a mess. The  players will probably get screwed. A moneybag should mean you win.

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While the description for what wins what could be a little more clear, it seems obvious to me that you needed to have the three 5's AND the money bag. The part with the 5 symbols is saying you "win PRIZE in PRIZE box" while the money bag one says "win 5 times that PRIZE". It isn't saying you win the prize with the money bag, but rather 5x the prize that you'd win with the 5 symbols.

They do need to be more clear, but I'd be surprised if G-Tech loses this suit. If they do lose, that's a big cost. That suit is 17 times more than the legit prizes they paid out and over 40 times the profit on the game.

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I've got a tic just like the one with the money bag and the $500. I knew it wasn't a winner because there isn't a $2500 prize tier for that game. It is a little confusing, but if there is no prize tier for that amount, obviously it's not a winner.

Dawn Nettles has had a bug up her hiney for TLC for years. But she has a big following so this has blown up.

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Ok i see that now. 

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