New to lotto. Is it common that I'm winning 3-4 numbers almost every draw?


So I started playing the 649 lottery in my state about 2 months ago. It's twice a week. Checking the history, it's been 18 draws since I started.

The first month were all quick picks, 1 or 2 tickets. It was only after I got my first win (3 numbers + 1 bonus) during my 9th draw that I started to pick my numbers based on my own system. I bought 6 tickets then, and from then on I decided to always buy 6 tickets.

Ever since, I've been winning 3 (sometimes with bonus) numbers almost every draw, is this common or did I just luck out?

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In my opinion, systems are better than QPs, so be happy you're doing something right. It's quite normal what's happening to you. 

What system are you using?


would you give me more information about the 649 lottery



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649 lottery is a common lottery type, you can just look it up on google. It's just picking 6 numbers from the range of 1-49. $1 per entry. In my state, the lowest prize is 3 numbers for $10.

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So it's common to buy 6 tickets and get 3 correct numbers frequently? Or are you saying it's quite normal to have such luck?

I'm not really using any system I would know of that are used by others. By system I meant something I planned myself, and it's been changing constantly based on my analysis of the draws.

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No, not common.  Let us know your picking theory, the LP members can then analyze and communicate their thoughts on it to you, which is common practice here.  Group discussion has helped many people here.

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It doesn't have to be a system by others to qualify as a system. Your analysis of the draws and how you determine what numbers to use, is a system. It's your system. That's why I was asking what system you are using.

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Can't help feeling like I lucked out, but I'm gonna keep at it and see if it continues.

So anyway.  It's really nothing sophisticated and I only have a small sample size. It's very circumstantial. And I really don't believe it's of any value, I just do it this way as an illusion of control, but since you asked.

First I would like to say, my goal was never to match all 6 numbers. If it happens, great! But my goal is to match only 3 numbers, so I can play the lottery for free until 6 numbers come along as in my wildest dreams. I got this idea when I realized it only cost $10 to pick 10 numbers to match 3 of them, while it costs $210 to pick 10 numbers to match 6. Yet it's not like I can never accidentally match 6 in my quest for just 3 numbers.

I started off making lottery wheels (didn't know they were called that until a few days ago).


This is the wheel for the 10 numbers for $10, which is pretty basic. But well, I tried making more wheels, until I realize what was important was not what type of wheel to come up with, but what numbers to use.

I just look at previous draws, not the numbers or frequencies but in the groups... Numbers from last draw. Numbers that are frequent. Numbers that have not appeared in the last few draws. etc. etc.

I used a lotto website that has my state lottery's data for reference. It's very useful, shows lots of details. (Google lottolyzer)

First, I'll make compromised versions of mini-wheels whenever I add a group of numbers in.

If I see there's been no "previous draw numbers" for quite awhile, I'll add the group in.
If I see there's been 40-49 for quite a bit of draws, I'll remove 40-49s from my pool of choices.
Same for every other range. Infact, I ALWAYS remove a range (that based on various reasons I feel would not appear in the next draw), because most of the time I'll be losing out only 2 numbers unless it's some freak result where more than 3 numbers are in the range I removed. I am looking for just 3 numbers match to profit anyway.

For example, the last 10 draws all had 1-10. I'm gonna bet the next draw won't. So I remove 1-10 from the list. Changing my 649 lotto to 639. Also, using the website, I look at the date. If you look at lottolyzer, you'll realize that less than once in 2 months is the frequency of which the number the same as the day date of the result is drawn. In other words, it's unlikely for 3 to appear on the 3rd of the month. It does appear, but it's unlikely. So that's 1 number down for me. Now I'm only working with 38 numbers.

Also, if there's been at least 2 draws that have previous draw numbers in them, I remove the 6 previous draw numbers. Giving me 32 numbers to work with. I can keep going on reducing the numbers, but that's not very balanced. I'll just stop there.

So now I have 32 numbers.

From there, I analyze which range of number are most likely to appear, is it 10-20, 20-30? etc.

I only bought 6 tickets and got lucky, but it's better to buy 10 tickets to cover an entire range like.

11 B C D E F
12 B C D E F
13 B C D E F
14 B C D E F
15 B C D E F
16 B C D E F
17 B C D E F
18 B C D E F 
19 B C D E F
20 B C D E F

So from here, I have the illusion of 1 ticket having a correct number as long as there's a number from 11-20, which is likely if there's no 1-10s. Now I can put my mini-wheels in B C, or B C D, or whatever.

I can also put a number from the "due number" group, like let's say 30 hasn't appeared in 20 draws. So I replace F with 30s.

Anyway, I'll stop here, but as you can see it's very confusing and it's not something you just copy and paste. It varies every single time, but it's not random either. It's nothing polished or anything, but my main idea is "trapping luck" and combining probabilities.

It's kinda like, if you see for 20 draws the number 42 never came up, and for the past 10 draws there's not been a number in the 40-49 range, and add to that the last number for the past 4 draws is an odd number, etc. it's probably a good time to make 42 a favourite number. That's a long stretch, but that's just one thing you can identify, with every single draw, you can identifies all these quirks using past data for every number and judge from there what you should and should not play around with for that draw.

That's kinda.. the giest of my "system". Sorry if it's nonsense.

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Ok, that makes sense. You're just analyzing trends and patterns which is the best way than picking a QP.

I'm also trying to get 3 numbers in the game I play in the Florida Fantasy Five, until/If the big one hits. I use the last digits of the winning numbers from low to high and track them. The game has 1-36 and i only need 3 to win 10 bucks, hoping to finance the game instead out of my pocket.

Last night I got Five free QPs using my system, hopefully I'm on the right track. Haven't won any money, but I may need a bigger wheel. I'm only playing 5 lines.


I just looked at your winning history numbers and it's pretty close to the kind of thing you're looking for when seeking 3 numbers to win. Maybe you can integrate my system with yours to help you narrow it down. 

Below is your last winning JP numbers. Look ONLY at the last numbers in each of the winning numbers and put them from low to high. They are in red. 1-5-3-6-8-9, in order from low to high=1-3-5-6-8-9, now only the first 3 numbers from lowest to highest=1-3-5








As you can see, it's much easier to track 3 numbers. 






















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My states has a 6/49 game and years ago it had a 6/49+1 game too.  Like your lottery it also charges $1 per play but unlike your lottery a match3 only pays $2.  I've done better on the prediction board than I have in real life because the prediction board awards $5 for match3 in a pick6 game.

I've always felt if Ohio's Classic Lotto paid even $5 for a match3, I could break even or better playing its 6/49 game.  Since you recieve $10 for a match3, you should do even better, that's one of the best payout for a match3 that I've ever heard about.  Good luck to you and take advantage of that high payout.


Oh god, I got banned for trying to post the URL to the lottery website.
I'll just post what I was writing before and then read the replies.


Just to be more clear, here's my most recent one that I just won that I'll cash in tomorrow.
First, reference, the latest result is 2014-12-08, and the one before that 2014-12-04

-url removed-

Results: 17,21,28,29,39,47

I bought 6 tickets and hit two of them for 3 numbers. Originally it's 10 tickets but I didn't buy the last 4 to stick to my $6 budget. Note that I rearranged the numbers to illustrate clearer.

01 08 - 17 24 - 21 29
02 07 - 17 31 - 26 29
03 09 - 17 37 - 28 29
04 05 - 17 40 - 22 29
05 03 - 24 31 - 21 26
06 02 - 24 37 - 21 28
07 04 - 24 40 - 21 22
08 04 - 31 37 - 26 28
09 06 - 31 40 - 22 26
10 07 - 37 40 - 22 28

Explaination for my picks:

I had a mini-wheel for 1-10 because I thought after 10 being the smallest number in the previous draw it'll revert back to single digits, well I was wrong, and it was still in the 1-10 range anyway, if I had followed my own rules more strictly I would have not wasted 2 slots.

17, 24, 31, 37 and 40 were from the previous draw. I added this group since there's been no previous numbers for 3 draws. Note that I didn't include 10 since it overlapped with my 1-10 group.

Notice that the 2nd single digit number in the 1-10 wheel is arranged in a way that ensures I covered 8/10 of each single digit number with each previous draw number.

Aside from 40, I removed the 40-49 group since there's been quite a few 40-49 lately. The result had 47, but whatever, only lost 1 number.

Lastly, a mini-wheel with some numbers from 20-29 range. I didn't include 23, 25 and 27 for several reasons. But each number is paired with a previous draw number. The reason I chose the 20s range was because I've been expecting a 20s cluster for quite a while already, and there's already been a 30s and 10s cluster recently.

So yeah, as you can see, there's many statistics in play and if one of those statistics was right (in this case, the 20s cluster and precious draw number), I had a good chance of not throwing money away. Even thou this is all still just luck. It's still more like stars aligning together by calculation, compared to throwing balls in the air.

Here's the bummer.

Just realized while making this post. If I didn't use 1-10s, my normal decision is to use 40-49 instead. And since 40-49 is 1 number short of 10 tickets. I would have used 39, 40-48... Which means I could've hit 6 numbers today and have become a millionaire if I only decided to remove out 1-10 isntead of 40-49.

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I think you're looking at another lottery's results, that website shows results from several lottery that you can choose from a drop down list.

Anyway, thanks for that! But actually, I don't get what I'm supposed to look for with the last 3 numbers, how do I incorporate into my protocol (the post above for the clearest explanation of my thought process). And also the theory behind doing so, seemgs really interesting, hope to be enlightened!

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Whoa, I wasn't aware there were different prizes. I thought they based it all on math. The wiki on Lotto 649 states $10 for 3 numbers too so I assumed it's the same everywhere. Minding that, I feel $2 is really too <snip> low!

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You don't have to base what you think on a wiki article, every lottery has its own website that states what their lotteries payouts are.  I doubt if you'll find any other lottery paying $10 for a match3 in a 6/49 game that's only charging $1 for a ticket.

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You're right, I was just reading the wiki again and realized many 649 lotteries cost only 50 cents, now I feel like I'm being ripped off too. :( Anyway, I guess it's all based on the population of the country or something.

Interestingly, I also discovered other 649 lotteries gets a free play for matching 2 numbers. Really? I get 2 numbers all the time.

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