Has any member won more than $100K paying Lotto?


Enquiring minds want to know. Of all the winners who are members, has anyone ever won more than $100K or over $1 Million? If you did, what was the felling of winning that kind of money? Did you decide to go public with your winnings or did you as the Lottery commission to not publish your picture? I find that if people see the name of the Lottery winner and not their face, the chances are no one will bother you. Do you agree?

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Not yet.... But I would also agree that if you get your face out there you're more likely to get bothered. The more anonymous the better if you ask me but im the silent type :)


.. l think there are a few lottery members that have picked " 5 of 6" numbers DF, in fact there are some who advertise it.However l have no idea what their cheque looked like- suffice to say it will remain private, and that's A-ok with me.

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Two members off the top of my hit $100K on a scratch-off about 3 months ago and another's wife hit $1 million on a QP last year.

I personally haven't hit a jackpot but if I did, I would feel pretty relieved/secure and take all the measures necessary to remain as anonymous as possible.

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"I find that if people see the name of the Lottery winner and not their face, the chances are no one will bother you. Do you agree?"

It's not seeing the address or phone number that prevents people from bothering them, but some people think there is a story to be told even when there is none. We had some very heated debates over Gloria Mackenzie's privacy after she won a $590 million PB jackpot including the circumstances of how she bought her ticket. Reporters were camped out at her home. 

Ellwood "Bunky" Bartlett actually loved being in the line light with several news stories about him. Do you really think there is something we could learn from an LP member who won a large jackpot that wasn't said by Bunky?

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yes...i know people who won more thank 100k

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My name is Gloria MacKenzie and I won more than $590 million in the single largest jackpot win in Powerball history!


I wonder if she'll make an appearance on How the Lottery Changed My Life.

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Was Bunky the chubby Wiccan guy?

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