238 system


Found this little system too find out triple number’s .. its called the 238 .. what you do is using lottery maths add 238 on the left side and minus 238 on the right side for the first draw of the month or any draw ,,










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yes it works really well for some states ... sometimes 2 too 3 hits in a week .. could someone excel it

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Maybe Ranman17 or CarliG can excel it.

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Wow this works just back tested... Would have had a straight hit in Iowa tonight using it.... Thanks for sharing!!


good to know it works in your state needinghelp

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What number do I add the 238 to? Could you give me another example using the 238 with Lottery Math?

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it's added tooo the right side of 954 and minus on the right side .. check out this link its in excel program .....

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Using 123 as an example.







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Thanks goboug and onlymoney. I understand now. I'll back test this later.

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Is this system used as whole number sets or TTT?

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I Agree!

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Lakerben the file is already up and running and working well.   Here is the link... Good luck.. There is also a Pick 4 version in the thread..

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