Just trying to help folks with day / night separation


To me the most aggravating this is to try and download the past results and it comes in day and night and you have to go through the pain staking of separating them.  I wrote this Macro for a couple other member's and thought I would share it for you all.  I will provide an download link and keep it up here for a Little while and then take it down.  It seems I have certain individuals the love to track me and see what I am working on.  Oh, sorry ... did y'all not think I knew this .... LOL

Just rep[lace the numbers in the BCDE with your own state.  Save the files as enabled Macro and then assign the button.  After you have done this load your results and let her rip.  If you have any issues let me know.  I am busy so if I do not replay Johnny on the spot I will reply.  Enjoy!!!


Hi LC member's!!!!!



Separate Day and Night

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Sky, am I missing something here? Aren't the eve draws suppose to be in the other columns?


Hmm, yes. They should populate automatically.  Do me a favor. Download another (btw this set NC) clear the Rows out and hit the button. See if it populates. If not I will email you a copy. When I get home I'll check the file I uploaded. May have uploaded the wrong one


Thanks for bringing that to my attention CB.  I emailed you a copy and fixed the download too.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Nice job, thank you.


Glad you can make use of it. If you need anything else you know how to contact me.

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