Trouble with Lottery Post

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  Is anyone else having a problem on Lottery Post..?  I keep getting knocked off and I have Chrome as my browser the same one that Todd recommended for LP and it still knocked me off...I even deleted my cache and it still does it...

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Sorry, Dee, I don't have problems but if you are and you are following Todd's instruction
and still have problems then he needs to help you fix it. That would be the almighty way.
Great at everything and not just good at some things.
I hope he answers you because maybe others are having the same problem and just
waiting for an answer to read and not posting here.
GL Dee, I believe you even got a new computer right?
So it's not like you're working with a dinosaur loaded with junk to drag you down.
I've seen you post about problems before and maybe some detective work with the
right leads from Todd will help.
Gl and I hope you get an answer soon.
Yes Nod


I'm not having any problems at all, and I'm using Internet Explorer 11.

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In response to LottoVantage

Big Grin my plain ole IE 9.x still works

Razz @ chrome and firefox

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Firefox 33.1 got problems staying logged in, but I got problems on several websites.


There were some glitches last night. About 5 times there was an error window popping up but it stopped about 15 minutes later.

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In response to LottoVantage

   Do you have windows 8 or 8.1....?  I even had internet Explorr 11 and it still does it..I only have this problem in LP it doesn't do it on any other web site...

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In response to DEE88

Try IE 11 in private mode.

If trouble is there, it is best to restart your computer.

Good luck!

In response to SergeM

What is Private Mode ???

You can't increase the security settings on IE from med/high to High [I tried this], b/c it disables Java Script. LP needs Java Script and cookies to function properly.

Last night, 11/18, I experienced problems posting myself. An "internal error" page popped up, each time I tried to post.  It eventually resolved itself though.

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I had problems last night. Google / Google Chrome crashed. Had no websites at all, LP, Yahoo, FB, etc. It would come up, but as soon as I clicked on it, it would say such and such is not responding, IE is searching for a solution... Try refreshing, click on the site, more info. More info said IE would try twice then stop because it would be a continuous loop. After about an hour, I shut down and restarted my lap top and then everything worked normally. 


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     I got this pop up on my screen today when I was on LP...did anyone else get this message...?


                                               Security Alert


    The identity of this web site or the integrity of this connection cannot be verified..


    The security certificate is from a trusted certifying authority.


    The security certificate date is valid.


    The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site.

    This last one that is mentioned had a yellow triangle in front of it with this   !   in side of the other ones had a green check mark beside them ...than at the bottom it had  Yes   No   View Certificate as my options...I clicked on View certificate and it had all these other things to click on it which didn't make sense to me...but Todd had posted a thread on Nov 6 about doing a Security Upgrade and if you go to that thread some of the things he mentioned in that thread came up in this message....which I did not understand what it meant...I just  X'D out of it cause I didn't know what to do with it..I also got kicked off of chrome like the previous posted here posted about chrome also... saying not available now....

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In response to DEE88

I've seen that alert before on various sites. No problems here tonight.

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Problem!!!!! LP on IE browser keep crashing on Windows 8.1..Opera doing fine

I was using LP logged in around 11pm tonight, browser Firefox, XP, crashed and malicious detected. Mad


When you do Search drawings on IE browser, its slow.but if you do on Opera, its fast. The problem with Opera, copy and paste not compatible. No Nod

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