Are people changing the way they play the lottery?


Hi everyone,

Do some of you change the way you play the lottery? For instance if you played only 2 or 5 dollar scratch tickets have you started to play the 10 or 20 dollar scratchers? Have you cut back on your spending or are you playing more? Have you decided to try your luck in places you haven't played at before? I've mentioned before about my cutting back on my spending and tend to buy my PB and Lucky for Life draw tickets at 1 or 2 places but I think it might not hurt to play in towns and places I haven't played in just to change things up a bit.


I have cut back on my spending for the lottery.  But I still buy tickets from 6 to 8 different locations and at different times of the day and different days.  I use to buy from the same location or 2 different locations and I've noticed that the quick pick numbers were similar.

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I just got back from circle K where I spent $1 on a JC5 B/c tonight's JP is 416 G.

That's all I got @ the store, I won't play for less then 250 G and won't make a special store run for less then 350 G.

The last tic. I had for this daily game was on 11/14/14 that JP was 999 G.

3 days not in the game saved $3 this came about when they changed the matrix 5/40 to 5/43

and upped the start JP from 50 G to 75 G 

Only buy PB and MM only when the JP has grown large, had a MM for this last 321 JP and 1 accident ticket.

I have 1 routine  store I go to and 4 other now and then stops.

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If what you were doing weren't get the results you wanted why continue doing the same thing?  In addition games change, when PB went to $2 and MM matrix changed to 15 bonus numbers my playing strategy for those games changed also.  I've changed the way I pick my numbers for OCL and already I'm noticing an improvement in my prediction stats.  I'm always looking for a better playing strategy.

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Hopefully you will not go down this path again and will continue the path you are on. I recall you saying sometime ago about driving to different places to get scratch offs. You are about to fall into that hole again and spend too much. As the song says, let it goooooooooooooooooo.

In response to haymaker

I am with you Haymaker. I "usually" won't play that JC5 for less then 250ish as well.

My flawed way of thinking is I wouldn't want to "waste" my win on anything that cannot

payoff the mortgage and these kids college tuition. 

That being said I can't even hit a lousy 50/50 at the local HS Football game.


"I think it might not hurt to play in towns and places I haven't played in just to change things up a bit."

It won't hurt your chances, but if you have to drive further the tickets cost more. Since the chances of winning have nothing to do with where you play, why bother?

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In response to KY Floyd

Granted, it doesn't make a lot of sense to bother drive further when it wont change your chances.

The only way I'd drive farther (and I've done this) is to drive out of state to buy raffle tickets that my state doesn't offer.   I've driven about an hour to a neighboring state to buy them.  On more than one occasion I've had to go to those states anyway, so while I was there I killed two birds with one stone. G5


Hi bigbear29,

Glad you cut back on your lottery spending you will feel much better not thowing out so much money to the lottery.I use to have the same problem with getting tickets with similar numbers but that was when I was playing more than one PB or MM ticket at a time. Now since I buy just one draw ticket at a time I do not look at my numbers until I check to see if I have won anything. It sounds like you have changed things by going to 6 to 8 different places at different times of the day. For the 3 years when I played scratch tickets I went to many different places in my town but in the end I lost more than I won. Now I tend to go to my local gas station where the guys are always nice and they know me when I go to play my draw ticket. I have changed things a bit and will buy a ticket a few days before a draw. I would like to go to a place I haven't played before. When I was re-reading my initial post I had to remind myself not to go out of town to buy a ticket unless I'm in another town for something else. The gas money (as others have pointed out) makes it not worth it. Good luck to you.

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Hi haymaker,

It sounds like you play responsibly by keeping things in check and having 1 routine store along with the 4 other occasional places you play at. For myself it doesn't matter what the PB jackpot is in terms of buying a ticket. In terms of MM because the 5/75 matrix make it nearly impossible to get a second place prize I tend to wait until that jackpot gets very high before I will play it. I am not sure what a JC5 is we don't have that in my state. Good luck to you.

In response to RJOh


I understand when you said if you aren't getting the results you want why do the same thing. That's why I am thinking of little ways to change things up a bit. For myself I find it easier to do QP's since I buy just one draw ticket at a time. I was getting a bit stressed out when I was trying to do an analysis and pick my own numbers ( though at times I was a bit more successful than using QP's but that was when I was buying more than one draw ticket at a time). What is OCL is that your states lottery game? It's good that you are looking for better playing strategies. Good luck to you.

In response to Artist77

Hi Artist77,

I can understand why you think I might go down that slippery slope again. What has changed is that I am living in a reality that is much more grounded over this past year. I haven't given up the lottery but am nowhere playing like I had been. I am in it for the long haul but since my spending is very small now I can still be in the game by just buying one draw ticket when I do play. There have been many places I no longer go to because I was only buying scratch tickets there and now that I don't buy those I tend to just go to my local gas station. I have tried different things like buying at different times or buying a ticket in advance. By the way I love that Frozen song.

In response to KY Floyd

Hi Ky Floyd,

You bring up a good point. I had to re read my initial post and agree with you that by driving further the more I am spending in gas. I realize that a person can still change things a bit from their normal lottery playing routine and that's what I am trying to do by playing at different times or maybe trying a place in town that I never bought a ticket from before. Good luck to you.

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Sounds like your in a dead zone for scratch offs wins like i am. It's good because it helps me not play.

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I've started playing online, so now I can play the US and European lotteries. I used to only play my local lotteries but now I can play 'em all online!

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