Where are all my VIRGO LP members?

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I got curious so I askedConfusedDisapprove lol

Even if you're not a Virgo you can still post your Zodiac here.

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I'm Gemini---> The symbol is Twins---> They say we have split personalities---> I don't know what to believe

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I'm also a Gemini.


Virgo 9/17  proud to be a Virgo!

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Virgo  9/21  Virgos Rock!    Guitar   Drum   Guitar


9/13 Woot, Woot!

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ah ha! That's why I liked the way you analyzed the game lol $$$$

Same Bday as my significant other.Thumbs Up

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That's why we went in the other day. Call a Spade a ~just kidding~


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Awwww Uncle (= Explains your carefree-ness!!



Aquarius - Air Sign - Water Bearer

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Virgo ~ unfortunately 09/11

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Gemini Wink

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In response to Harve$t Moon

Sun in VirgoSun Smiley Moon in Gemini Star



Best day for me to play lottery is on a Wednesday.

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