After you win the jackpot ?

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 How will you prepare for all the mail that you will get ?Cheers

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I think it will be much harder on the mail carrier than myself.  I will sort through it, recycle the majority of it and save some of the most outrageous ones.  I would not answer any of the letters.

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I Agree! sounds like a brilliant plan to me Roll Eyes

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HI Saylorgirl,  Thank You for your tip and advice.    The mail carrier might give you a note that you have undeliverable mail at a certain Post Office.  The larger the jackpot the more mail you will get.

 I was an electriciansmate in the U.S.Navy.  Have a super Veterans Day on Tuesday 11/11/2014.


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I believe you can have the P.O. hold your mail for up to a month and for longer than that you can use their premium forwarding service for a weekly fee. (if you're going to get out of Dodge until the heat dies down) I also think you can do a return service (return to sender) on each piece of mail, but I expect that wouldn't make you very popular down at your local post office. (Personally, I wouldn't want to make them mad, the whole "going postal" thing, you know)  Check the USPS website for more information.

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 Thank You mikeintexas for the USPS website. It gave me more options.  Smile

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Thank you for your service music and a very happy Veterans Day to you!!

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Ummm... I would probably hire somebody to take care of it for me, after all, I just won the lottery- prob could afford that much


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I nebba like when da po'f man be delivering ads. that ain't even to get discounts at ma local groc'y sto'.

I hates them muffugin ads.   E'erthing all ads these days.

I say to da po'f man, don't be deliba'in' these ads. 

And what you s'pose he say?

He say "but sir, we can't NOT delibba somefin' dat has a stamp on it.".

I'm like da'ag.  I wan't all junk mao ta stop.

Sometams, it make me wanna run and bury my head in da groun'.

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When l read your post : l just had a flashback to that scene in MIB2 where that dude is inside the letter sorting machine with maybe 8 arms and a cigarette in his mouth..that's the guy l want sorting thru the crap coming to my mailbox..

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Very much like I do now....Curse about the bills and throw the rest out

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There's a real life news reporter that looks very much like that guy at the post office I MIB2! I thank the same robot or prop used in MIB2 was also a cab driver in total Recall or one of those movies.

Carl Cameron




If I am bored I would take any mail/offer from one person or company and mail them the junk mail from another 

providing it comes in a prepaid envelope.


Sort of like I do now with credit card offers. I send them coupons from my local mailer that I do not need.

Now their offer just cost them money.


Otherwise toss that Sh*t

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Luckily for me my state allows lottery winners to claim their prizes anonymously. So if the universe decides that it would like me to be rich I'll be able to enjoy my winnings in peace.

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Coin Toss, 

  The cab driver in Total Recall was the "Doctor" in Star Trek Voyager. At least that was his voice. I just saw Arnold Schwarznagger in Rise of the Machines. The end of that movie was total nuclear war.  Weapons we use to protect ourselves were used to destroy the world.

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