Is there such a system or software that works with sums? Help! :-)

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Hi, LP family, hope everyone doing well this days! I just want to ask if anybody have info if there is system or software where I can input sum and it would display all possible combinations for that particular sum for Multi Match, Power ball and Mega Million lotteries?

Thanks in advance!!Smile

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In response to tvpventures

Holy Crap!

Don't get me wrong but.....

HOLY CRAP that would be a neat trick!

Even if that program existed it would take days to give you all the combinations.


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In response to garyo1954

Amen!! You would need a mainframe to accomplish that. I could be wrong!!! My computer would burn up.

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In response to tvpventures

You cannot play that many combinations, therefore the idea is irrelevant.

If you want to filter in those, then buy a filter program. I believe that one of the GH products does that and it is not the only one.

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In response to tvpventures

Maybe just stick to one sum that has the highest percentage then get a program and filter the combos of that particular sum ??

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You can use my free program Lotto Architect. You set the sum filter to the desired value and go through the stage 3 calculation process to generate the tickets. It can handle millions and even billions of tickets and if you want you can export it to a text file (very huge file, possibly you'll not be able to even open it). It may be pointless to have that many tickets produced but nevertheless, you can do it if this is what you want. In fact, any real processing on that huge list is possible only within my program; it is designed to handle huge ticket listings. You have to setup your individual lottery games for the filter to operate however but you don't have to enter any history to do the sums process.

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In response to Igamble

Hi, guys, thanks, I think someone above did  not understand me correctly.. I know I cant play all combinations, I know that. Yes, Igamble , that what I want, I just need a program or software or system where I can input PARTICULAR ONE SUM, ONLY ONE and see all the possible combinations for this particular sum, I just need it.  It would be nice. I honestly don't know if I can calculate myself..Smile


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In response to lottoarchitect

Ok. I will look in to it. Is your program now have lotteries history automatic update?


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No, it doesn't unfortunately.

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In response to lottoarchitect

Ok. I will going to check again anyway..


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If you need assistance, check my forum for usage on how to do the filtering.

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I can't find it but LP use to have a feature that generated all possible combinations for any parameters and with that all you would have to do is filter out the combinations you want.

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In response to RJOh

Yes, that's what i was looking for I guess..

Thanks anyway!..Smile

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In response to tvpventures

Have you tried the Pick 5 and Pick 6 wheels under systems? You can pick a range of sums.

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In response to grwurston

I honestly did not. I will take a look again. But the only thing is I have to input numbers up to only 15... Ok. I will see..


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