Why it doesn't make sense to ask a lottery winner for money.


If I knew a former PB or MM jackpot winner right now, I'd give them a few dollars and ask them to buy tickets for me.  It's a no brainer, why would you ask them for $10,000 when they could make you $321,000,000?

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How many winners are you aware of that have won a jackpot prize twice?
Once in a lifetime okay...twice? Buy your own tickets. Luck moves along to the
next person when a win is so large imo.

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I believe you're right, in fact after a really big win I'd be less likely to play.

Very few have won twice.

LCML had a story about a 2 time  PA. winner who lost all the $ to slot machines.

 And now lives in a trailer...Not that there's anything wrong w/ that.


jjtheprince, you're 1/2 right... I would'nt ask.

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 I don't ask for money from ANYONE. Even if I had a friend who won the lottery, I would never ask them for money.

My husband and I don't believe in handouts and enjoy our money the good old fashion way by earning it.

Any major lottery win would just accelerate our retirement goals.

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In response to jjtheprince

I'd rather just buy my own tickets. You're not more likely to win just because a former jackpot winner buys them for you.

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In response to jjtheprince

"It's a no brainer, ........."

It's also a no brainer to not buy tickets for some one you don't know or trust when the jackpot is this high if you plan on buying tickets for yourself.  People who ask players who normally spend a lot on tickets for themselves to pickup some tickets for them too are looking to share in their good fortune if they get lucky.

A smart player would tell you to buy your own tickets and stay the hell away from him.

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