Anyone having luck in PA?


Just moved from Orlando Florida to Pennsylvania. Haven't really won anything on the scratch offs here compared to Florida. Anyone from PA having any luck?

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Yeah most days I win something. Pa is crap though alot of times.

Dr65 hits some nice ones pretty often. Omiller, matt and some other posters too.

Cant remember alot of names right now but pa is ok sometimes.

Good luck brocksampson! Christmas tickets are out tomorrow


Sorry. I have a Chrome bookmark that I keep updating to the page# of the Winning Forum and never see the main page,. I know it seemed the Florida people would post alot of big winnners and the PA people would have nothing to show. I would say there is roughly 5-10 regular posters here from PA and a few that also pop up. What region of PA are you in? Northwest/Southwest/Central/Northeast/Southeast?   I can tell you I been playing 19 years and only saw 1-$1000 and maybe 10 or so $500. I might not be a heavy player, but I play my fair share per day/week.. Good luck.. I would get in on the Christmas tickets. Seems alot of people are pulling off decent wins.


Well I'm new to the area, but I'm right down the street from that big mall King of Prussia.

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What are you playing?

A few here and there or rolls?

Low or high cost tickets?

How long had you been playing in Florida and what type? Did you play often enough to get a feel for
what to go for in Florida tickets or were you just lucky with a little bit played?

$20 PA tickets - Goldens are usually good but they fell pretty much back to paying $20

The new $20 Christmas ticket will be good for a couple days...they're hard to scratch and annoying to

the senses particularly the sense of SMELL. $20 Max-a-Millions stink and so do $20 Platinums.

The BEST $20 ticket IMO - Money, Money, Millionaire...I've won the best prizes on those tickets aside from
the bigger less frequent wins on the other $20's ($1,000's, $500's, $100's)

$10 PA tickets...I don't have luck more than $10 on the $10 10x the Money..sick of getting bills for $10

seems the game is LOADED with them although I found a few good ones but not lately. $10 Christmas

ticket.....lots of igloos for $'s a second chance as well as all the Christmas feeling on

that 'bonus' is they have to pay second chance winners so what will the ticket wins be like? Lopsided. IMO.

$10 Winning 777''s okay but again lots of $10 wins although I've found good ones of $200 and up.

$10 Aces High...okay but lots of black Aces for $10 wins...blah...did find a $100 red Ace yesterday and

have in the past won $100's on them but blah, blah, blah. $10 Frenzy...hmmm....very much touch and go..

usually lots of double $5 wins but can win $1,000 and that's nice but it's hard now with the ticket being

out fairly long.

The BEST $10 IMO - The Christmas ticket followed by Winning 777.

$5 PA tickets - Funky 5's are fun...2 spots to play...easy to read too, nice color purple....wins of $5, $10, $20

usually but have had $100's on the FUNKY symbol once. $5 Winner Take All....not so good...haven't

found a winner take all number yet....can win $100 on them often and usually good for $10. $10 Muscle Car...

a second chance drawing ticket...get keys, you win a car, get a steering wheel, you win all prizes..I like win all

prize tickets like the Muscle Car, Funky 5s and Winner Take All...usually they're good for $100 if you get the winner

take all. $5 Hot Numbers....stink. $5 Crosswords stink. $5 Lucky x20 stink now. $5 Bingo - I've won $50's on them

but they're too time consuming to play (just give me my money quick!) and have stretches of losers...good to buy

one and done I believe. $5 Holiday Gifts...good for a couple days more then it'll go back to average/normal/losers

more than winners lol.

The BEST $5 ticket IMO - Holiday Gifts

$1's $3's and $2's...

my favorite $2 has got to be $2 FRENZY and 5x the Fortune...I don't like $3 tickets and $1's I like FRENZY too...lots

of $25 prizes on those.

HOPE THIS HELPED. I hope your area has a TOP PRIZE waiting for you - GL!!


That's a pretty comprehensive write up dr65!


I'd agree with most of what dr65 said, I have done the best on the $20 Golden Ticket and the new $20 christmas tickets.


The new $20 christmas ticket is VERY ANNOYING to scratch and it smells just plain awful. It's just way too strong. I hit $500 on one

on monday.


The new $5 holiday gifts might just be my favorite ticket. Very very easy to see if you've won or not, and I hit $500 on it as well on monday.



As for the rest of the games, on the $5 cards really the only thing I like to play right now is the bingo Xtra and the new holiday gifts. As far as $10 cards go

I'd say in order my preferences are Freezin greetings, 10X the money and Aces High. I really don't play anything other than the $5, $10 and $20 cards.


My advice is also to stay far away from the $30 ticket, aside from one pretty big win of $30,000 here no one has been hitting in my area at all. A while back I got taken on them for 5 duds in a row.


If you play heavily and have the money to play, I'd stick to the $20's, $10's and 5$'s.... I think though you could probably do just about as well just playing the $10's and $5's. The $5 holiday gifts is LOADED with $100 prizes. I play them 4 at a time.


Ditto on much of what you posted. The $5 tickets seem to be the best value for one on a limited budget. Lots of $100 prizes, which is a nice win for a $5 ticket.

While statistically, the $20 games are better, it takes a lot more dough to play, and strings of losers are nearly as likely as the lower denomination tickets. I've had many $20 losers in a row - 6+ many times, and upwards of 10 once.

In PA, and likewise in many other states, since a handful of companies develop and supply tickets nationwide, regardless of the denomination, the vast majority of prizes are $1000 and less. Something high denomination instant players should keep in mind...

While the overall payout percentage in PA on instant tickets can be over 65%, the effective payout percentage when adjusting out larger (over $1000) prizes, which are few and far between, and break-even prizes, which are in huge abundance (winning $30 on a $30 ticket is better than losing, but still a letdown), the effective payout percentage drops somewhat, approaching that of number games.

For one seeking to win more than $1000, it's best to mix in some number games that have realistic odds, in particular, the Daily Number and Big-4.

With all that said, instant tickets are about to get better in PA next year. The 30% profit requirement on gaming revenue, which currently has been suspended on a temporary basis, has been indefinitely lifted allowing for higher payout percentages. Number games are likely to remain mostly unchanged, though will probably be more promotions. The big change will likely be 70% - 80% payout percentage for some instant games in 2015 - if this occurs, players will notice the difference - more playtime, and better prizes.

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Ron.. Just saw your post. I work in the Wyomissing area and frequent one store regularly. Interesting about the profits. The more people win,the more they play. I don't think someone would throw $500 back in, but if you hit $50 or so I can see people throwing it back(especially the gambler). Tons of dud means people give up. Middle size prizes make people keep playing cause of the thrill of the win..

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