Weekly Multi-State Raffle


Who would be in favor of a weekly mult-state raffle type game?? Similar to maybe your states

once or twice a year raffle type game they do now but maybe offer bigger payouts or more winners.

Limit the sales to 1 million. $20 per ticket. Have xx amount of grand prize winners and you got your

best odds at winning a million (or whatever the jackpot is set to) 

Most states pick 6 games are lagging in sales. I think states should scrap their pick 6 games

and jump on board to a Muti-state raffle.



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I love raffles but due to their high price per ticket I wouldn't play them weekly. Once of twice a year is good for me.

Say, you are not the Chris Chase that used to be a blogger for Yahoo Sports in 2012, are you? That guy was not getting any love on the comments section.


LOL I used to love the comments on Chris Chase's "great" written stories but I did model my user name after him.

I do get your point on the $20 price point being a deterrent but given that I would give up playing the local pick six 

and the MM as well as PB games for a weekly shot at it. The catch with the raffles is there is a winner(s) every single time

and with lower odds it tends to give the buyer greater hope and dreams. 

Just throwing it out there.

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I play the new year PA millionaire raffle every year when I visit there for thanksgiving. It's the best organized raffle that I have ever played and that's why I play it. I'm hoping it comes back this year.


I play the same one as well as the July4th one that they have. 

4 winners of $1MIL each as well as some lower tier prizes including some 

100K ones. They limit the tickets to 500 thousand.

and with (4) million dollar winners it gives you a 1 in 125,000 chance.

With those odds on a weekly basis I would gladly give up MM ..PB..pick 6

as well as pick 3 and 4. for a $20 weekly shot at it.

I would still play the cash 5 though as it is one of the better payouts/per odds game

especially when the jackpots roll.

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I see that the PA millionaire raffle is back. You going for it Chris? How hard? I'm thinking I'll get 2 tickets when I go there for thanksgiving. That's equivalent of 40 MM lines Bandit

In response to maringoman

Happy to see it's back. Buying a ticket or maybe more this upcoming Friday. PA conducts two raffles per year limited to 500,000 tickets. On an aside, from what I recall, PA did try selling 625,000 once, but had to resort to discounting tickets to sell out, and barely made it.

For players seeking $1 million, with similar odds of winning at that price-point, outside of the raffle, there's PA Quinto, and similar games in some other states, that pay $50,000 per dollar wagered. Playing $20 on the same number in PA Quinto gives one better odds of winning $1 million at 1 in 100,000...

Though overall odds are much better for the PA millionaire raffle than PA Quinto when factoring in the thousands of lower tier prizes - the main appeal of the raffle to many ... even if one doesn't hit the big one, there's a combined 1 in 83 chance of winning $100, $1000, or even $100,000 instead.

As for a continuously running simple, no frills multi-state raffle, the novelty would likely wear off. And from a sales aspect, could cannibalize other number games. The new MMC game, when the top prize is hit, is a multi-state raffle, but is designed and marketed as more than that.

In response to Ron5995

I got one so far. Will get a few more here and there.

As i understand that new MMC game I am attracted to that raffle

portion of it. When/if it gets up in the 50-60 Millionaire prizes

I may just throw $100 on it. 


A few years back here in Jersey they ran a cash 5 promotion. It was buy 5 cash tickets on a single

ticket and you get a "free" entry into a special $500k raffle. Trying to boost sales.

They only did it one time. 


I will look at that Quinto game/odds. Sometimes I jump on Treasure hunt when it hasn't been hit in 5 or so days (rare)

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