Lifes Journey Day 10/21

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Members Celebrating:
                  rayray67, jmreth46508, Piaceri, TaKe51021, dvinedivah, jarasan, jaymo21, teddy53, virginia112211, CCHS13, Sparky, howlingwolf



                                               " Happy Birthday " to all , past and present members of Lottery post

                                                                                  Have a Great Day.!

An extra Shout to):  Piaceri  &  Jarasan...



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Happy Birthday


Special wishes for jarasan.

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Happy birthday LP members.

Hey Piaceri and Jarasan.... here's to a big win on your day!

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Happy Birthday everyone

Special shout outs to Piaceri and Jarasan, Hope it's the Best! Party

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In response to sully16

Thank You everybody!!!!!!   It is a beautiful day today here in MD..  Since I turned 572 today I am a bit jaded on the birthday thing,  but I am going to keep it low key and make sure I see my mom and a couple of friends. YAY me!!!!!!!!


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Happy Birthday everyone, have a bless day....... Party

Special Shout to: Piaceri & Jarasan......... Party

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See Ya! Happy Birthday LP members especially Piaceri & Jarasan . Love your posts. Lurking

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"Happy Birthday" everyone Partyhave a great one.


Happy Birthday everyone, & a special shout out to Piaceri & Jarasan Cheers

In response to jarasan

Happy Birthday, Pat and Piaceri!!!!

And Pat, catch a pick-4 straight four or five times; that will make your day.


Thanks y'all for the lovely birthday wishes.  I had a lovely day that could only have been better with a MM jackpot. Dance

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