Ga pick 4 simple system for beginners /other states too..

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This example was done in the state of Ga and all you need is a calculator....


All you do is subtract 9999 from the number that fell to find the Traid or pick 4 number that will come the next draw or two...mid to mid or eve to eve

Example done In Ga

October mid to mid watch the first three digit

1.5019-9999=4981< watch this

2.4819 -9999=5180<watch this

3.6851-9999=3148 nothing

4.7947-9999=2052 nothing

5.4263-9999=5736 two digits in the next draw

6.8267-9999=1732 <watch this skip a draw 

7. 4096-9999=5903 nothing

8.2137 -9999=7862 watch this

9.9867-9999=132 nothing


11.7628 y'all know where this came from just something simple to help......

Maybe someone can tweak it...

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Interesting... Thanks for posting it. I'll have to back test.

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Thank you Dutchess69. I will give it a try.

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