Unclaimed Powerball Jackpot set to Expire in NY


I was watching the local news and it said a $130 Million Powerball Jackpot was won in New York last year in November. The ticket will expire less than a month from now. My questions are, Why isn't the state releasing video footage so that they can try to find the winner/winners. What does the state benefit from unclaimed prizes? Does it go back in funding the public? Hope the winner comes forward before clock runs out. Also would this be the biggest unclaimed prize in lottery history.

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Regarding your question of finding the winner, as of last December the lottery claimed to be actively seeking the individual(s). I assume that holds true now.

I think that in New York any unclaimed prize money is returned to the player prize pool. For multi-state games like Powerball, all the participating states receive back their share of the jackpot sales. So New York won't be getting the full $73,356,671.49 if indeed the prize goes unclaimed.

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I'll never understand playing and not immediately checking the ticket.  My mom plays like that... She saves them and I'm checking a stack of tickets every few months.

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it seems like not taking care of your tickets is good luck some how. Every month or so there is a story about someone buying a ticket and tossing the ticket in their car or cookie jar and then checking the ticket months later only to find out it is a jackpot winning ticket.


People have more than busy lives these days.  Could be a person working three jobs with a 100% occupied mind, a bunch of kids, and no time for the news.  That would suck.

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I check my ticket within a week of the draw. If there was a top prize winner or the second prize winner from my state then I check my ticket within 24 hours. It's my money and I want it nowJester

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Hope the winner/s come forward.

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i agree.  cant understand.......

maybe because she knows you will be checking for her.  maybe she's unaware of the expiration length.  i do not go overnight without checking mine.  had a friend who used to same thing.  a few times she lost out on a few hundred dollars because the 180 days had passed.

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if a person can't claim it within 60 days I say let it expireApprove

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My mum is like that, she don't play that often but she does sometimes pick up a line or two when she's at the grocery store, she will ask me to check a ticket for her online and I will ask if it's for this weeks draw and they will say "no, I think it's for last month!" lol

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