Illinois Payback Percentages


Does anyone have the payback percentages in Illinois on the $10,$20, and $30 games.

It is so funny. I emailed the lottery and Northstar wrote back giving me a generic look on the website

for scratcher information. The payback percentages are NOT listed on the site. It is like they didn't even

read the question.

I am setting up a syndicate with a few people going in together on some rolls of tickets where the best percentage

of the top prizes are available. Going to do a skype and scratch type of deal. If anyone has these payback percentages

off hand please let me know. Thanks.

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You might have to file a formal Freedom of Information request to get that info.

Don't live in IL but it will probably be the ones with the best odds. Comparing 50 games in my state, the correlation coefficient of overall odds and game payback is 0.9, which means that the variation in overall odds explains 90% of the variation in payback. So a good rule of thumb is that those with the best odds have the best return. Not always the case of course, but without access to more information it's the best you can do.

Top prizes remaining is only part of the use that info you also need to know how many tickets have been sold and how many remain in the game. A game with 10 top prizes left is no good if there are 50 million tickets still in the game. Again, that's where FoI requests come into play.


I went to check their site and its amazing how little information they put up besides the top three or four prizes left. Would be nice if they added how many tickets will be printed or have been sold but that might cause some people to stop playing the older less valuable games.

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