California 2nd chance question.


I'm strictly a MM player but have found quite a few different lottery tickets thrown in the street because they were losers.  My question is does anybody else pick these tickets up off the ground and enter them the 2nd-chance?  I know I'm not the only one.  Hoping one day I win a draw off someone else loss.

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Disney Yes I do, and some have been winners!

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Nice!  Any wins on the 2nd chance or just found a winner on the ground?

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They were winners on the ground. In the 2nd chance I have had no luck.

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Oh I see.  Well good luck on the 2nd chance,  hope you find some more winners on the ground Dance

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That was my winning ticket on the ground and I want it back.  I was up in that area and dropped it, yeah, that's the ticket.

You raised a good point, KillerDemo, and that is what would happen if you hit a 2nd chance draw (which could be either $1K or $10K) from a ticket you found on the ground.

I wonder whether the lotto commission would spend the time and energy examining the ticket, where it was purchased originally, the videotape of the purchase, etc. the way they do for a large grand prize.

So would you just get the ten grand no questions asked, or would there be a "third-degree" room where they grill you about the origins of the ticket?

It's an interesting question.

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Actually I'm in 2nd chance draws bigger than 10K,  I have the tripling crosswords 2nd chance draw for 30k,  and the california lucky for life $1 dollar ticket,  2nd chance on that is 375K

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I don't know about California but many store clerks in MA never bother to scan scratch tickets whenever I buy any from behind the counter. So it means they can't tell exactly when the ticket was bought. Besides they would rather pay off the bearer of the ticket and publicize the news to attract more dreamers than create a circus that will just cost them more money.

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A lottery ticket is a "bearers instrument", which means it belongs to who ever has it in their possession.  That is why it is so important to sign it.  If your signature is on it, it is no longer a bearers instrument. As far as second chance games, my signature says it all ;-)

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