A new 5th winner in NY game 596 1 million dollars a year for life. ,


We have  5th winner in the 1 million dollars a year for life scratch off game. The winning ticket was sold out of a vending machine located at Valentines Nine 238 W Main Street Gouverneur NY 13642 last week. Lotto has not made the official announcement but will be in the coming weeks but I have checked it all out and it is true. so there is only 1 wining ticket left in the longest playing single released game.

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Strange. One of the other winners was sold 2-1/2 hours away in Plattsburgh. Maybe they were trying to hide them from everyone.

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WTG to the winner!!!




No they are not trying to hide it. I just happen to be on top of this and noticed that last week there were 2 winners left and this week there was 1 winner left. So I called and asked. They told me the town it was sold in and I called every store that sells lottery in that town until I found the store that sold it. Lottery said the winner is not yet ready to go public and they are setting up the public announcement for the coming weeks. It is the same exact way when i found out it was sold in Plattsburg NY I did the same thing and reported here before Lotto made the announcement.


Something definitely isn’t “kosher” with the NY Lottery and this game. There are 6 jackpot winners at odds of 1 in 3,582,000 which should be 21,168,000 million tickets printed ($635,040,000). This game has been going since 2008 with only 5 winners. That’s 6 years running averaging 3,582,000 million tickets a year which coincidently are the jackpot odds. I think they are holding back the release of jackpot tickets so they can make more money without having to call back the game due to no more jackpots. When they don’t publish a winner players continue to purchase tickets. I’m willing to bet there are a lot of players that have been purchasing tickets in the past two weeks, had they announced a new winner the sales would most likely drop for a while. This is one of the reasons I believe they got rid of the winner’s atlas online. Things seem to get even more suspect when there were three winners upstate and two in Queens. With a larger number of players in the city I’d expect more winners in the city than upstate and the first winner was at JFK airport of all places!


Any idea how many tickets for this game are left? There are 17 second prizes left and 1 jackpot. I'm starting to believe that the last jackpot is no longer out there due to the timing of the previous winners and NYS Lottery is just trying to milk as much money from the remaining tickets as possible. Probably to make up for the money they lost with the $1,500 a week debacle.


By the way, I put in a FOIL request asking how many tickets were left and of course got no response. On a side note, the retailer I go to says his sales for that ticket has dropped in the last two weeks. He usually goes through a book every week but has only sold 6 tickets in two weeks.


Okay so I got the response form the FOIL request. They estimate 18,495,119 tickets have been sold based on the "rate of redemption". That leaves roughly 2,663,381 tickets still out there. I do not know if the numbers they gave me take into consideration any tickets destroyed by the Lottery. If there is still one jackpot remaining I'd expect it mid 2015...


Update: The NY Lottery has yet to put out a press release on the winner and/or add it to the winners stories section. This is true for the last two winners of this game.

Also, in the past two weeks there has been two winners of the $2,500 A Week for Life scratch off and no updates/releases either...

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