Poll: What is your favorite lottery game?

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My personal favorite is Powerball.

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I play all the jackpot games, state and multi state.

I'm not too picky with whichever one I might win.

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In response to Theox-

I personally like Powerball and Cash 5.  Those two are my favorite.  I am starting to like MM a little more but I still hate seeing high numbers like 74 on there.  I can't come up with a set of numbers that includes those.


Pick 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!! The only lottery game that is worth the money and effort to play !!!!!!!!!

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Pick 3

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These are my Favorite games in Indiana but i will play other Lottery games when i am Traveling.


Mix & Match P/5

Keno P/10

Lotto P/6




Ilovecash3 and ilovecash4

If I was rich I'd play cash5 

I also play $10 scratchers every now and then

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we have a jackpot game here called super 66.  its like a pick 3 or 4 but with 6 numbers,. and on occasion  the  jackpot gets to $1 mill. like this week,. and it costs $1.10 a game .  also we have no tax on winnings.

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Pick 5  Games !

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6/49...i'm Canadian !

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In response to savagegoose

Wow...that's great !Thumbs Up


The world is not only US, Euromillions.

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I've Mega Millioned  for about 10 years now and have never won anything worth remembering. But I knew this might never happen so I'm not crying. I like the game

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For along time I liked powerball 18 years in september to be exact but now that mega millions is still a $1 for every one play I like mega and spend my money on mega more.  Then with the left over money I play powerball on the side.-weshar75

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My vote goes to our state rungame of "Lotto Texas" and a few select scratchers. While the PB & MM are wonderful for creating larger wealth. I would be more than pleased with a smaller win where it wouldn't create such national attention.

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