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Sometimes In Life Our Path Changes And Other Things Take Precedence.. With That Being said, Not Even My Change Cud Keep Me Away From My Lp Family. I may Not B Here Much, But I'm Here For The Time Being. I've Missed You All!!





089-608* 342-123*

Special 209*/062  389/863* 395*/536*

Good Luck Everyone!!

Remember STORM/U.N.V.ME Loves You Always...

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In response to STORM

See Ya!Hi STORM -so nice to hear from you.  We love you too dear.  Hope all is going well in your life.

Blue AngelBlessings to you and your family

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In response to FLATRANSPLANT

See Ya! Hi dear, Babi girl an I Are Doing Great! I've started My Doctoral Program... I'm Glad to B back here 

amongst friends Wink

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In response to STORM

Hurray!So happy to hear from you.  Missed your wisdom and concern for others.

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In response to nikita18

Wink  Thanks sweetie!!

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In response to STORM

Ga mid 266. That didn't take long. Great job as usual.

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In response to Heat

((Hugs))   Party

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Hi storm nice to have you back!!!!

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In response to mbain

Hi mbain, Wink Hru?

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In response to STORM

Glad to know you are doing well!!!

Congrats on the 062 Straighttttt in Ohio!!!

Wish I would have seen it!

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In response to swissmocha

Thank u dear! Wink

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Weekend Highlights... 

690* 900/909* 660/600

Good Luck Eveyone!!

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In response to STORM

NC 953*

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In response to STORM

SC 066 Wink

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In response to STORM

Love that 600 you have, if only NY would give it up, thanks for the numbers

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Monday was Very busy for Me.. Sunday night, Going into Monday morning hubby an I Stayed Up talking abt Everything.. The laughs.. Words that I/Hubby Needed to hear was Said.. The Love Expressed.. Our memories, 'Priceless' 

Look at My Over the head Captured pic of Us.. We were in the dark but I did a great job if I may say so, Smile

After hubby left for work, I got ready to go visit a few lp members.. 'Gifted' Along the way, lunch was nice, then I ended My day with Babi an My Mommy.. When I Arrived home, OMG! I had packages At My door Left on My Bench from LP members.. 'The Excitement'.. I was like, Really.. For Me, Even Babi had gifts from u All. Hyper Y'all had my babi doing the Nay Nay, She was Killing it too lol.. My Eyes went first to the beautiful teddy bear sitting on Top of this Edible Arrangements Box an inside 'Chocolate Covered Strawberries' WOW!! I then started to Opened Up Another box, 'A Coach bag' Whaaaaat?.. Victoria Secret Perfume an Lotions.. I jus cried Out cus I Truly didn't Expect Anything , Honestly I Didn't.. Thank u.. Thank u.. Thank u..  I want to Meet Every one of u. Each of u shud Receive your Gift this week, as I sent packages Out Saturday.. 'Tears Of Joy' .. When I think Of The Goodness Of Jesus!! Lovies

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In response to girlsugar

Sweet-heart.. Great to c u! I'm so happy that u will get to spend time with your family on Christmas Smile

Miss u, thanks for Everything.. U Know what I mean. My day was filled with So Much Beauty/Love Lovies

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In response to Maxxe$

   Thanks for the gifts baby, Love'm!! Smile 

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In response to brighteyes

Hi sweetie pie, I C U.. We R Connected on FB Now.. Beautiful pic of u an hubby! Smile I'm feeling so Blessed dear.. hru?

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Message to All.. 'If u are in Any type of Relationship an u have to Always B looking Over your shoulders an Worried abt getting caught speaking to others on the phone or even going out to lunch, etc.. u can not possibly b happy! Truthfully, u r living in a fantasy. Men, Don't lie by saying, Oh she Knows abt u but u get Busted an caught Up.. that's jus too messy! I Am My Own woman, No man tells Me what to do.. 'Only My daddy'.. I talk to who I want to.. I Don't turn Music up, Nor b whispering an shyt when I'm talking to u on the phone.. 'So Don't Do it to Me'.. U wana Know why? Cus I dnt have Anything to hide. My Hubby Aint threatened By NO Other Man on/off the Post.. He Knows My Heart. Men, I Respect U/Your marriage so loosen Up. If u call Me with that Scary shyt pop'n Off.. I'm going to politely dismiss u with the Quickness cus hell, u acting like that, makes me uncomfortable.. like u feel if u get caught u will lose everything.. Listen, If that's the case, I'd rather u Not contact Me Anymore.. I'm Seriously Not The One with All that craziness. Some members on here thought when I Spoke abt ppl actin crazy that I was talking abt my numbers.. honey Know! A Number of Men have expressed their Interest in Me for yrs on LP even Knowing I'm married an I would Never Meet Any of them. Some tried to b all baby this an that to get Money from Me, like I fell Off the Banana boat or something.. GTFOH!! I Didn't work Hard in My life to jus fall Victim to your Lies an Bullshyt, that'll Never happen.. I'm Not saying I am perfect. I'm Not stupid Either! 


If Anyone on here tell Me, 'I do Not want u to hit Big'.. Vamoose! Cus it's Like I'm literally Putting The Numbers In Your Hands, All u have to Do is Get Up.. Go Out, An Play.. Simple! I Don't Brag, For What.. Not Necessary.. We Can All Prosper but if u sit on your a$$ an do Nothing.. U gets NOTHING!! Real Talk!


Be Blessed* Lovies 

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In response to STORM

I Agree!  WITH STORM Play Her Numbers

If u sit on your a$$ & not play her number you can't win

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In response to STORM

Storm what you think for NC ???

In NC I'm Rydin with 252 Combo & 252 x 20 Exact !!!!!!


That's beautiful Storm. The Lord said give ant thou shall receive. You're a blessing to us all and I pray God continues to bless you. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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Good morning Storm, 

When you take time out of your day to bless people, God will bless you back more that you could have imaged. Your kindness is appreciated. May God bless you and keep you safe in His light today and for the many days to come. Happy Holidays!


Good morning Storm how are you? Yes it will be great to spend time with my family dear. Thank you for everything you do for me and it was great doing something for you .You deserve it and more dear may God continue to bless you and your family. Enjoy your day dear.Lovies

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In response to STORM

Amen, Amen, and Amen. Sometimes you just have to break it all the way down my Sista and you did just that. God bless and Godspeed. I appreciate your real

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In response to STORM

I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas I will be playing the numbers you have on this site. Thank you for your post.

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In response to WHISH

748 Ga midday from your last worksheetBanana

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In response to STORM

Well said

In response to L273

I will have a baby if that combo drop in NC because I playing it in Georgia Crazy

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