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Daily numbers

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I seen this in the search engines and was quite amazed about many options on the lottery.



Can anyone let me know the mathematical equasion?   For ex:   03-24-2014.  My nieces bdate.  How do you do the math on it?   SOmething isn't adding up right.  If you take the 03 24 14, and then someone stated add  111 add 999.   Any feedback appreciated.  What am I not adding up right?   This might be easier than I thought.


My bdate is 12-16-1973 but I guess it would be the current yr of 2014. 


Also megamillions.   This huge jackpot MHO, is easier than the powerball.   Does anyone have a mathematic equasion on how to get 5 numbers?  Thanks and appreciate it.

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Birthday Number:February 13, 1956.Total=27.Reduce: 2+7=9.Birthday number = 9
Example  SmileySmiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley $ $ $ $ $ $ $Reduce: 9+3=12.Reduce: 1+2=3.Number = 3
Special Date Number:October 10th, 2009.Total=13.Reduce: 1+3=4.Date Number = 4
Smiley $ Smiley $ Smiley $ Smiley9+3+4=16.Reduce: 1+6=7 Good Luck         
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 (Example: January 2, 2010 = 1+2+2+0+1+0=6, the number for this special date is Six).

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