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Why do so many systems fail?


 Now, there are some good Pick 3/4 systems out there. I've come across some of them myself. These ones employ logical ideas and have merit to them. However, too many systems ,including the good ones, have a fatal flaw ,in common, and is why they don't end up to really work. 

 So, what is this flaw? Simply put, they're based on looking for shortcuts. That is, they involve creative ,or clever, methods of narrowing the numbers down to a ,select, few so players may hit big if they win. However, in reality, this couldn't be further from the truth. You may get a hit or two. But, nothing reliable or consistent. Typically, they put emphasis on straight plays. But, this is ,only, just a selling point or marketing ploy. They know this appeals to you and you just can't resist. 

 Still, what's wrong with this approach? Why won't it work? For starters, you're decreasing your chances of winning. As we know, the more numbers we play the better our chances.  You're shortchanging yourself in another way too. That's because patterns are more difficult to find with fewer numbers. Any patterns that can be found will not be useful. As a result, you're left with using unreliable methods. In short, shortcuts just don't cut it.


I would say that could be true... in my opinion we are looking for shortcuts for a number of reasons. First its human nature to take the path of least resistence... secondly, none of us have the $$ or persistence to play

a ton of numbers at a time. Some post like Fifty sets of numbers on here and say now just play all these fifty

sets for three days at a buck a set... could be a winner in there someplace...and so forth. So what do you reccomend? Playing that many numbers tends to be overwhelming.. so what have you done to win? Nave you won on a consistent basis? Have you won at all? Are you just speculating? Repeating things youve heard or assumed true? Not refering to you ive seen people come on and rant and rave for three pages on the reasons you can or cannott win backing up with all kinds of info... in the end its obvious they dont know what they are talking about.. never bought a ticket.. but they know the whole story..again not meaning yourself...  so it will be interesting to see what you have to contribute... Welcome!

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Systems created by those willing to do the research and acquire the knowledge to design them to work aren't sold or shared so little is known about them.

Systems sold or shared are designed just for that purpose, seldom  work and are the ones most lottery players know and talk about.

It's not realistic to think someone is going to design a money maker and sell or share it.  If it's being sold or shared then its creator is gaining more by doing that than he would by actually using it to win a lottery.

In response to Wentworth

 That's true about what you're saying. It comes down to human nature. In my opinion, human nature tends to get in the way of both the truth and progress. This is ,exactly, why some games haven't ,officially, been cracked. Fortunately, for myself, human nature didn't get in the way. From the beginning, I allowed logic ,and common sense, to guide me. I was starting from scratch. My goal was to ,simply, figure it out. I wasn't ,so much, motivated by money. It was ,really ,more about the intellectual challenge. This ,in itself, should indicate something. It should tell you I'm not one who would be likely to fall into the trap of these systems that target people who just want to make ,fast, money with straight wins. This put me in a position to make some real ,genuine, progress. That's why I have been able to figure it out and pull it off.

 What have I done to win? Instead of trying to narrow the numbers down to ,just, a few, I narrowed them down ,only, as needed. In other words, just enough to make reasonable plays. This translates to making reasonable profits. But, as you can imagine, I was still left with more numbers to play. The challenge was to figure out a ,logical, way to make it work with more numbers. Either no one has managed to figure this out or ,in the first place, has not given it the ,serious, consideration it deserves. Either way, this challenge ,or problem, has been overcome. In the process, an actual code/formula started to take shape. However, I wasn't looking for any code. I was just ,simply, trying to figure it all out. As it turns out, the code is a ,much needed, piece of the puzzle. It enables one to know ,exactly, when to play. Upon completion, I'm now able to win about half the time I play. This can only be possible by playing more numbers though.

 So, what can I tell you? It's ,definitely, possible to win ,with a lot of numbers, and still make good. Although, it's not ideal since your profits are smaller. Nevertheless, it's realistic and reliable. Useful patterns are evident, and plentiful, with more numbers too. But, it's not just about more numbers. What numbers you play still matters. In addition, you have to know when to play these numbers. Despite this, it's still ,logically, possible to hit big with fewer numbers. Based on this logic, I've actually done it with box plays. But, it does have it's drawbacks. For one, it requires a lot of patience. For that reason, I don't prefer playing fewer numbers. Fyi, the logic ,for three numbers, only supports box plays. 

 What do I recommend? Use logic ,and common sense, when playing. Stick with box and play more numbers. Also, avoid using any systems that require you to play on every draw. These systems don't really work. Furthermore, tracking individual digits ,within specific positions, will not end up to work either. Why? That's because this involves straight combos and the logic doesn't support this. At least, you ,now, know that a code really does exist in the numbers. You can try and figure it out. In this case, you're not chasing something that's not there. But, I can tell you that it won't be easy though. Even after I found the code, I still had to figure out how to use it to my advantage.

In response to Pick3Masterer

Thank You for asking this question. Its from moments of reflection that leads us to find answers which can make us better.

Consider this:

12/26/2013Evening4 2 0 82,743.50114.00
12/26/2013Midday2 6 2 22,420.50605.00


Preceding winner was 2622, ALL EVEN NUMBERS.

As a Pick4 Player, I ask "Whats next?"

PatternQuestion 1Question 2Number Set
ALL EVENWill pattern change ?
.Will pattern repeat ?Will there be a pair ?
..Will there be no pairs ?0,2,4,6,8


Of course, I lost. 1/5 chance of getting it right and I didn't. But why did I lose ? My answer is I failed to do a time-tested strategy, "I DID NOT DO A CYA".

I played "0 2 6 8" when for an extra $2.00 I could have played the whole 5 combinations in BOX and won at least $114.

My take away from this is that Pick3/4 players should do the following:

1. Play with less emotions and impulse

2. Pick a strategy and narrow your number set.

3. CYA. Cover as many possibilities as your budget allows.

I believe LP offers us the chance to become better players and improve our outcomes. Please continue to share your ideas and strategies and hope 2014 will be more profitable for us all.

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I agree with you to a point.I have been playing and doing a workout,which i tweek and as i learn,for over 2 years,when i started i did as you say played about 30 numbers,all doubles,i only played doubles then.I would hit about every 2 weeks,sometimes a little more,and i would win 200 at a time,but i was spending lol 180 a week or best i would break even,but most of the time i was in the hole 200-300 bucks a month,I guess my problem was knowing WHEN to play,so i play 2 draws a day 6 days a week.but with doubles in my state<missouri>they on AVG hit 2x a week per draw or 28% of the time,but lol heres the BUT.sometimes they would be cold and go 10 draws 12,14 wo a double,sometimes they would hit 7x in a row,but you<or i should say i cant always tell>when they will go cold or super i agree more numbers=more hits,but more $$$ cost to play,so in the end you have to be able as you say to play when things are right to cut the cost and make a small profit but a profit insted of a loss..any advise on how to hit that happy medium of when to play and not to play,that is the question lol.

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Lucky Loser
In response to RJOh

This is the most intelligent answer I've seen regarding the marketing, sale, and pumping up of lottery systems besides an answer I posted some time ago. Quite frankly, your first sentence is the key...anyone that's figured out what to do, how to do it, and, WHY to do it is keeping it on the tightest of leashes. There are many reasons for this, as well.



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Lucky Loser
In response to Pick3Masterer

Honestly, you've answered a lot of your own questions here  and I'll be back later to elaborate more.




I did an analysis of 2013 results in NJ Pick4 and found that playing ALL ODD or ALL EVEN patterns, is a loser if played faithfully for a year.

But it can be a potential money maker for casual players.

Add them to your Combo set and play them once in a while. Hey, you never know.


ALL EVEN, 0,2,4,6,8

0246, 3,   $367

0248, 2,   $208

0268, 6,   $595

0468, 3,   $263

2468, 1,   $  99

          15 wins, $1,532 BOX Payout of $1,825 (cost of playing 5 BOX combinations @$.5 each for Midday/Evening Daily in 2013)


ALL ODD, 1,3,5,7,9

1357, 1 $  100

1359, 5 $1,471 <- 1359 is also a birthyear pattern (Patterns with "19" is what I refer to as birthyear pattern)

1379, 1 $    83

1579, 0

3579, 0

           7 wins, $1,654 BOX Payout  of $1,825 (cost of playing 5 BOX combinations @$.5 each for Midday/Evening Daily in 2013)

In response to d1nnl2

OMG, I Thank God I live in the USA, A Data Driven Country.

Playing ALL EVEN + "1359" faithfully in 2013 is a WINNER.

ALL EVEN, 15 wins, $1,532 Box Payout +"1359", 5 wins, $1,471 = $3,003

Less Cost of Playing ALL EVEN + "1359" Daily (6 x .5 x 2 x 365)  = $2,190

                                                                                 Net Profit     = $815


so did you figure it out or do you plan to continue to keep rambling on and on or are you going to get down to Brass tacks?? Have you been able to use your studies to win consistently? Its not about money really its like you say its an intelectual pursuit. You say you win half the time you play so at a profit?  Most of what you say is basicly true and common knowledge on here. I think its time to show some examples of your findings..we like to share here and we do when we find something that others might find useful. How many numbers are we talking ect... most of us are not in the position to play a huge amount of numbers as i said.. so with all due respect..

show us what youve got.. dont ramble on about numbers ect ect show what you are talking about with number examples ect... i want to see if you are on to something or just talking through your hat :O)

all said with respect and courtesy for you. Lay your cards on the table.

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Jon D
In response to Wentworth

It's too late. He can't answer you. He got booted off the system again.(for the 6th time...)

KY Floyd

"Why do so many systems fail?"

Because it's impossible to consistently predict random events.

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In response to KY Floyd

I Agree!


which is why we don't have not soo much as one person consistently hitting the JP's  Roll Eyes


BOOTED? Six times? Hmmm i wondered if i smelt a rat there.. whats up with all the boots? He did seem to blab on about nothing much.... whats the scoop??

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