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I still say that the lottery looks for unique or least played #'s


Some may disagree but, I still think that the lottery looks for unique or the least played numbers as the winning lottery numbers.  For those whom do use birthdays as their unque numbers, it might be time to may-be change or add something like addresses as your unique numbers.  I think alot of people will be exploring birthdays now after the win in Ga. .   I say this for two reasons: I'm not a true believer in totally random number picking from the lottery corp., and there is always 1, 2 or three (mostly 2) lottery winning tickets.


Least played numbers:   ex.  2 4 7 19 33 -100       20 to 100 other people in the USA has the same numbers


Possible winning numbers:   ex.  2 5 6 34 37 -2       2 people in the USA have the same numbers


So, the hardest thing to do is to create unique numbers.


If you have a full wheel generator you can put in your selected numbers and print them all out. Believe will find a lot of "unique" numbers. But would you really play them?

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Nearly everyone who pick their own numbers have some belief about which numbers are more likely to hit but if they aren't winning then it's obvious their beliefs don't count for much.


I play a line I call "extreme low numbers" for a reason, but my low #'s never hit.  I win the most small sums on my low number lines though.

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"Unique" on this scale is an illusion.

All lines have the same chance of showing.

1-2-3-4-5-6 has the same chance as 34-35-36-37-38-39 showing.


Keep playing your low numbers and may-be add high, middle and a combination set of numbers.

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