How much money is everybody spending on lotto per week


Just wondering how much everybody was spending on lottery per week?  Two years ago, I thought if you spend alot like I was spending 200.00 a week,

that I could win the jackpot sooner than later. Today, I spend about 20.00 a week.


I think your chances are BETTER than most. I spend $5 MM and $10 PB twice a week. Thats $30 per week.

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In response to bigbear29

Yeah, $200 per week is a lot!

I spend up to $10 per week. It's in my budget.  If I want to spend more, I have to take it out of some other budget item. I don't do that too often.

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Between $5-$10

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Double sawbuck a week.

Even if the jp's only a paltry 12 or 40 million don't make me no nevermind.

When lady luck says it's my turn I'm gonna be there.

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I am not a creature of habit. I can spend as little as $5 a week and as much as $50. I average at $10 a week.


About $30 a week

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These replies are makeing me feel good,

$7 to JC5

$2 to pic 6

$4 to MM w/

$6 to PB w/

$19 a week. Cool

Cheers maybe get one now !

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I kind of do the same thing but I normally stick to my one two lines of PB and then state. Normally around 20 a week.

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In response to rdgrnr

Awesome... double sawbuck... make that one for me too Wink

When lady luck says it's my turn, I'll probably be in the commode outta ear shot or half deaf by then... "What did that nice lady say to me... get my urn" LOL

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In response to Ronnie316

how's that working out for ya Stooges

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Religiously $20/week on the smaller and easier to win 5+1 games. When PB or MM get really big I've been known to drop an additional $10-$20/week on them.

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about $7 per week.  ea month cost $20 is for ea of the  3 pools im in


3x pool=$8  2x pool=$10, 5x pool = $4


plus i buy `1 or 2 $ when theres a nice jackpot.

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when i win more then 500 i sppend 50-100bucks max,.win less then 500$ i spend 30-75bucks max. always spend ONLY from the winnings.invest a part(10-15%) of the profit back in the business is a very important rule i follow.

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In response to Igamble

What business do you invest your profit in?

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I spend $10 a wk (total) on MM and PB with my own numbers.


Our pool spends $5 per person twice a week between PB and Mo lotto. We spend $140 to $250 between the 2 games depending on the size of the jackpot


I normally buy 5 lines for Tuesday and 5 lines for Friday. But I never buy tickets when the JP is small and normally don't buy them for a month or two at a time. Playing every week seems like a drag for me, so I guess I average around 20-25 when I do play a week but some weeks it's 0. 


Hope I haven't missed a JP when I didn't play Hat

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In response to rdgrnr

what's a sawbuck What?

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In response to helpmewin

Same as two fins.

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In response to rdgrnr

Mike Hammer, is that you? <grin>

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In response to mikeintexas

$140 a week for Pick 4.

$6 a week for PB.

$2 a week for MM.

365 days.

I'm a gambler lol.

In response to rdgrnr

WTF is two fins?

What are you?

A Gay Fish?

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I buy one ticket per MM, SLP and PB draw. That's 8 dollars per week. I occasionally spend more than that when buying scratchers.

In response to New York

Wow, 140 for Pick 4. Do you do well on that.

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In response to bigbear29

The minimum.  $1 a draw on Mega-millions comes out to $104 a year all quick pick.  At 175 million to 1 more tickets would help my odds but not my chances. 

Ill buy one $2 ticket for each draw on PowerBall when it gets above $300 million.   No multipliers for me.   cheers.


I like it, this is wha I might be changing to.


At the minute I just buy 5 lines when it's a nice size JP on the Euro but I might just cut down to 1 Line for every draw no matter what the JP is.



In response to JoshUK

That is a lot. I hope he is winning it back.

In response to JoshUK

I dont know.

But some people are calling New York,

Robert Palmer the II

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