How often do NO digits return in next P-3 draw?

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                                               How often do NO digits return from the last the next pick-3 draw ?  Star


                                                                                                 34 % of the time 

                                                                     So, about every 2.9 draws it every 3 draws. 


        If wanted to take a chance ....and play just the Single numbers/no doubles ....... you would only have to play 35 single box numbers and just filter from there......or play all of them. 


                                    Going from just single to single number..... (no doubles) ......... No digit returns happen about 21% of the time.

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Is there any truth that 75 % of the time pair 29 comes before 00 ? Thanks in advance

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No thats false..... voodoo stuff. Plus, do you look at draw history at all? You would know that's crap if you looked at just a few draws for 4 or 5 mins. 

Working and Hoping to stay on subject here help out the best we can with real odds and the real math of the game.

Anything else is just stinkin' up the joint with superstition.


        anyway.....don't ya know it's bad luck to be superstitious ?        I thank my lucky stars every day...that I'm not superstitious!  LOL

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In response to WIN D

After checking through different states I found the 0912 does work. It doesn't have to exactly show 00 but the pattern is there.  Nothing vodoo about it.  Its another great way  to analyze numbers instead of throwing money at several picks. I post several systems but like I've told people I usually filter down by due sums,roots etc. for a few plays.


Fl p3

Fri, Apr 12, 20131-1-0?Prize Payouts
Thu, Apr 11, 20132-7-6?Prize Payouts
Wed, Apr 10, 20130-0-2?Prize Payouts
Tue, Apr 9, 20137-8-6?Prize Payouts
Mon, Apr 8, 20139-2-5?Prize Payouts
Sun, Apr 7, 20131-7-9?Prize Payouts
Sat, Apr 6, 20138-4-8?Prize Payouts
Fri, Apr 5, 20130-9-5?Prize Payouts
Thu, Apr 4, 20139-3-8?Prize Payouts
Wed, Apr 3, 20138-0-6?Prize Payouts
Tue, Apr 2, 20136-3-0?Prize Payouts
Mon, Apr 1, 20130-2-0?Prize Payouts
Sun, Mar 31, 20131-7-0?Prize Payouts
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Ok  Wise Man.Thanks again.Another question....Do you consider Mid draw & Eve draw two completely different games or do you see them intertwine as you analyze  the data ?Patriot

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In response to lakerben


   You have been around long enough to know better. Right?  Going around changing subjects and Hijacking someone else's post is not very good manners....

    Your compounding beat and completely off subject stuff....and doing it right in the middle of someone else's topic. At the very least's not polite and as you already well know against the LP rules. 


                           Quote:    "Is there any truth that 75 % of the time pair 29 comes before 00 ?"       NO is the simple answer. 

    Not to mention lakerben you mischaracterized his original question about a specific pairfollowing another specific pair 75% of the time.



    Then you highlighted any old random digits with 9 or 2 that you could find erroneously appearing and ...they aren't even pairs. You then try to stitch that together in some meaningful way using backwards ... and even diagonal digits up there? Diagonal ? By the way..a pair is not just ONE digit either.

   In fact, you incorrectly said 0912 .....and that's not even his right 2 pairs. They were actually "pair 29 that hits before OO" he said... when he questioned about it hitting just that way 75% of the time. 

    You said you checked this in several states...? Funny. 

   You called this "another great way"....??     Now, that's just offensive without proof.

   It's a flagrant statement when you offer no proof other than,"I checked several states".  Really?  Well then, that's good enough. Copyright that.  LOL       


                                Many years ago I came up with a colorful story.....about an OLD Man playing and winning pick -3. 

                             I did this to relay a more complex math concept in a more easily understood and memorable way......not to mislead anyone.

                                               The story has become known as ......" The OLD MAN's ZERO Trick" 

                                                                Even so, it was backed up with real Odds and Math.   

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In response to WIN D

Hello Chaz!!

Let's get back on subject!! Fla mid is even higher, 41%!!!!. Just had a string of 6 draws, with no repeats, with a 3-digit return.

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I noticed this in the pick 5 hadn't really looked at it with pick 3 but I looked at the last 2 draws and figured out what was missing. The next draw those missing numbers hit minus one and doubling another.
I thought can it really be this easy?

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In response to CARBOB

Hi BobBig Smile Sure miss hearing from you every once in a while. Wish Ricky could make us a thing to track these Digit Returns. Good old Ricky. What a wonderful genius he is.   

 It sure would be a lot easier ...especially when these digits have long streaks like the one your having in Fla. 

 I have to go check that out. I like to watch.  LOL 

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In response to WIN D

If you have read his thread there is a section about the 0912. There are more than one way to use his methods. I have never seen anyone bash your methods in the way you did his.  Is this helping the masses, no?  I have seen the 358,279 ,29 00  work several times.  I did not "hijack" your thread.  You made statements: vodoo etc.  and on and on and that is incorrect in my estimation.  Each to his own.   I made the comparison to buying several pairs of tickets, and after palying the lotto for decades I do find the methods of 29,00 358 etc. to be very good. As a result , I use them all the time to analyze numbers in addition to other methods. There is more than one way to win the game and this is what this site is all about.



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He ask a question of me lakerben..... and I gave him my honest opinion on what is my particular post.  It was his question to me and I gave a straight answer. It was not a method of his it was a question to me.

Only your observations are rushed into "methods" it seems.  Putting together pieces of flashing and calling it a "method" is your speciality. 

The question was off base and had nothing to do with this posted subject..... but, in deference to his sincerity and his relative newness and inexperience I gave him what he ask. I stopped in the middle of my posted subject....and I gave my honest opinion. Again, it was not a method of his but was a question he had directed to me.

 You on the other hand lakerben ....I assume...after many years here know better. As far as imposing yourself on others here goes.  Your hundreds of post are wall to wall....and covering everything under the sun....and every spur of the moment method. They are omni present at LP.  I have also despaired over the folks who read them but never made comment on them no matter what.

From now on however..... I do feel invited to help out your readers and come to their rescue when ever I see the need or just when the feeling arises. LOL  That too is sharing... and thats what it's all about.......huh? 

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In response to lakerben

I guess the silver lining with all your special attention, continuing interruptions..... and cartoon fluff ......... means your leaving someone else in the world alone.

Take your fellow cartoon up there with you.....and slide on back to your " Methods of Mass disruption factory" the commune.... where you both can do that special Voodoo that You do so well

  ......not that there's anything wrong with that. LOL

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In response to WIN D

Hilarious, jealousy doesn't suit you well.  Many of my systems hit all the time and I have posted the results. I get pm's all the time asking about my systems.  I do it to help people.  This is a forum to help people and exchange ideas.  But, what have you done???  Posting percentages and rambling about nothing, and yet you have the audacity to tell me you will intervene! Please!  Everyone knows that digits repeat so what?  I've been working with numbers for the lottery for a long time and way before I joined this site.

Impress me with a system and show when it hits and then I may have an ounce of respect for what you say. Show some respect for people and they will return it.  Bashing people who contribute like Dr Miracle  by calling it vodoo is ridiculous. 


US Flag

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In response to lakerben

Your back again? Really lakerben ......really?  Stop this. Your manners are pretty bad.

       You should take hold of yourself fella ....and behave. Now you need get down... stop interrupting ...and stop jumping up on this post.

       I have never seen the need to interrupt even one of your many post over the years because I knew that would just be silly.

       Please go back to your own"special ways".... that you are known for lakerben....and don't feel like you need to do it here.

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In response to WIN D

Thanks for this Win d! It really helps clear up the timing on these no digit returns. They're fun to shoot for. 

I like that 21% single numbers to single numbers info. This would sure work best for me since I don't ever play doubles. Playing that way cuts it down to only 35 single numbers each time. Easy to filter from when you know the winner is in there.

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In response to doodoohead

Thank WinD for the tips.  I also like doodoohead's tip.


Is there any truth that I should buy 50 QP, to get a hint at whats going to be drawn?

Thanks in advance

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In response to LottoBoner

Not really.  In all games of chance .....the best thing you can do is to learn everything about the ODDS and Probabilities of your particular game. Talk to the professionals ...the real players and math experts......they talk playing the Best Odds.   

 Talk about your good hints...?

  Learn the odds ......and wow! ..... now those are real hints.   

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odds, statistics, probabilities... know your game...

Listen to people like Win D and winsumloosesum, they know their games Thumbs Up



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In response to WIN D

.343, three unique digits followed by any combination of three digits, including doubles and triples.

  Going from just single to single number..... (no doubles) ......... No digit returns happen about 21% of the time.

No repeating digit(s), no doubles and no triples, then 210 combinations are left of the 1000 combinations.

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Hello Serge


.....,no doubles..and no triples,  too.....either ..included well.    Sorry, I had a little Flemish in my throat. LOL 


              Are you by any Bonne Chance........ from the French speaking part of Bel-gum? There is a .343 chance you are and probably more right? LOL 

   Seriously, thank you for your input using that angle up there. At least we are in the 21% childrens pool starting our filters..and not the 720 pool yes? 


Serge....would it be possible for you to check out my other post here on Systems and doubles if you have time?  If you could use some of that good math scanning talent of yours on the local histories of long out doubles would be much appreciated.

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In response to WIN D

I can speak French but live in Flanders. I checked the above for odds and past local results. You had the odds right, you could have posted the whole picture of it What post? I never play pick 3 and lost taste for playing lately.

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about once every 3 - 4draws

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