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Something to look foward too  in these states



GA:(150) combo is prime all month ...97 pair ....quickly...199:991 by30



By30 making numbers simple mail more then 40 players now !

Here are some key numbers if your state is not listed.,tenn,fla,miss,sc,ken,jersy,conn,bank on it. Good string

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Hey if you play in Delaware watch this :113:131:191:119:161: sing:136:713:723:169:961

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wb amilby!

Thanks for PA

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In response to kreative1

Thanks kreative ! 1-4 draws. With these numbers

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In response to amilby30

Watch 111 in Delaware tonite

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Ga eve 199:291:081:900:000:098:211

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tks amilby30

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In response to amilby30

Ga 987 combo on that girl ....this number has cost about  300 Bucks over last two weeks  so not really a hit.... But this is  what to look for in ga in the eve  depends on what the midday will  show.  (150:951:) combos should make good investments this week  i
will wait until  after mid draw and post 6 numbers looking for a return in the pic four of the 5 digit  or the 1 if it shows $$$$$$

(0682:0916) watch them

Delaware trips due 111:999


Ohio: 445:545:665:642


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In response to amilby30

North Carolina eve 124 srt 12thWink

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In response to amilby30

Do u play box and straight?

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Good string , amilby

I ll take 932 !

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Key eve digits 1-7-5-9-4 ga. 147:455:159:445:741 ....

Ohio  1-2-5-6-9-7 .  :279:171:172r:791:565:665

Pa 8-6-4-0-9...649:680:648:846:864:((758)):((666))

Ny 154:865:022:77:227:062.

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In response to crosstimbers

Depends on what's the result from the past draws was ,but  mostly straight  combo on dbls

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Pa watch 968-869 this eve

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GA: watch for  a trip  most likely (000). 472. 038

PA: 243.543.534.365.356.353

NY: 551.255.558.120.561

FLA:  929.992.295.115.364 pair(90)

Did not have time to change yesterday these may help in days to come .

Need big Christmas money a few numbers in certain states to watch

445.225 Ohio

159:591.519.150 ga

Will Give a few more later good luck


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In response to amilby30

Should I still keep the other numbers ??

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In response to amilby30

GREAT JOB amilby30Hurray! 102

In response to amilby30

Va 081 midday! Your awesome! 



Anything for MD? This is a tough state. Im ready to move back to SC...LOL

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In response to amilby30

It's 543 if these hold longer than today. New ones? Or same? Ty amilby!

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In response to amilby30


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In response to MzDuffleBaglady

Evening winner in Missouri:  4-8-2Party


Box hit.


I went in on, 428 straight, and 828.


Still going to run it.


Thanks for the confirmation,  good luck.

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In response to amilby30


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In response to amilby30

S.C. Midday 123...Just saw this...I didn't know U posted for S.C....Thank U...I know it now... 

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dang that short ga list doing numbers i get lazy on post when i hit good .....may post some new tonite ga watch those 77s tmmr just mid

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Any updates for Georgia ??


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PLEASE PLEASE don't get lazy on us Lovies I now check in on your post twice a day because i always miss it and the number comes out . thanks for all you do.

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Ohio 011 str!!!!! WOW! !!!

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In response to AGF310

tmr watch  325..345.354.352 ga

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BashOkay I strike out played 011 in the mid day and did not pick it back up for evening.

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OHIO MID 214..741..701..103..328..742..342..132.115..222..120

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