Sacred Geometry and Lotto Games ...

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         Any one else notice the correlation between Sacred Geometry and Lotto games . I've been doing some research on Sacred Geometry and Lotto games and it looks very promising in number sets prediction .

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can you show us something?

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Rakster ,

              I just started and noticed  the correlation with Sacred Geometry and Lotto games .  It still needs some work on the System . I've only used it 3 times and had only 2 hits . The hits could of been just luck or it does work .. It maybe just another tools for us to use in the games . I will need to back test on a few states ..

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Awesome find Cajunwin4, I hope you find something, outside the box ad inside the triangle.

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sully16 ,

            I so far the back testing and playing sets produced has given me a few  hits . Just trying to figure the Sacred Geometry Matrix so everyone can use the system . Been working on a few new systems and my own software ..


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Anxiously awaiting..................Big Smile!!!!!!!!!

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Once the system is developed it will be similar to destinys " magic  box " .


Hi I am researching the correlation of Sacred Geometry and the daily pick 3 games.  I'm especially interested in the 1.618, I've used it in workouts and not sure if I should drop the 8 and go with 1.61 for workout or go to the next number of 1.62.  Just learning about sacred geometry.

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In response to CajunWin4

Any new developments?


Is this going to be another one of those things where you say you've uncovered something and then offer to "combine" your system with others?  Because the last time I sent you what I was working on, and I never got squat back from you except for empty promises. At least until you then started ignoring my emails.  Just asking...

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In response to ACPutz

ACPutz ,

         I have uncovered several times for pick 3 and pick 4 games  winning systems . My post prove it ! I had sent my system to several other people and never recieved theirs system. I read over your so called system and it was bunk with no real win potential to be incorperated into a system . If  , I noticed something  to win in a Game and you don't it not my fault .

   I've  helped several people hits straights and box hits in pick 4 games with a minium amount of sets to play for games .

In response to CajunWin4



Horse****.   You're post was to exchange systems to possibly help out BOTH systems. (if you want I could reprint our email exchange genius)  Now your saying it was for me to send you mine, for your to judge it and then decide whether to go forward with the exchange??? Get bent.  And then what, you couldn't respond to one of the two follow emails I sent to you over the course of a month?    I guess if enough people trust your lying a** you can build a pretty good system off of other peoples work.. you lowlife.


Wow, you've helped other people hit the pick 4... let me guess, you gave 1000 people 10 numbers and one of them hit straight a a 23 others hit box.  You're no better than the rest of those carnival barkers selling systems.  Even a broken clock is right twice a day genius.


Hey, doesn't matter.  I don't need to get into a pissing match with the likes of you.  I just wanted anyone who thinks about working with you to know you don't stick to your word.   Just don't print any more crap about you "noticing something" in the game... it's obvious the only thing you're good at is noticing things in other peoples work that you scam from them.


Have a lucky new year (thats a jinx dopey)

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