If you are Illegal and play lottery shouldn't they learn the rules on collection

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If I read one more story about an illegal getting his lottery ticket taken I'm going to throw up.

For people that fight so hard to stay here I just don't understand why you don't know your rights.

You can't say they don't speak english everything is in spanish, they have lawyer, friend, family, how

can a total strange beat you out of your lottery ticket, unless you don't want to share with your family, and

that's why you don't seek help. If you are willing to stand on TV and say were're not leaving, drive a car,

work here illegal why can't you learn if it's legal for you to collect your money.

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Pepper, I like you, I really do, and I think it's cool you want to see the rightful owner get their money, but they are illegal, they need to leave our country, and If they want to come here, they do it the right way, not sneak across our boarders.

It is not okay to break our laws, if we break our laws, we pay fines or go to jail.

Someone who comes here and works to send the money out of the country isn't helping us one bit.

Illegals, cost all of us who pay taxes a very large amount of money, in more ways then I can comment on.

This is our country, not the rest of the worlds.

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* Sidenote, if they fought harder for their rights in their own country they wouldn't be coming here demanding that we treat them better.

Nothing makes me angrier than hearing illegals complaining about their rights here, when they don't have any, nor do they deserve them.

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Pepper, here are some quick stats.

12 U.S. Citizens a day are killed in violent crimes commited by illegals.

13 US. Citizens are killed everday by illeagal drunk drivers.

80% of illegal drugs are brought in by illegals.

Emercency rooms are flooded with gunshot wounds,  anchor babies, imported diseases, etc, Americans should not have to stand in line behind illegals, who don't even pay their bills.

8 American children a day are victims of sex crimes committed by illegals

,Welfare, Hospitals, education, law enforcement amounts are running in the billions because of illegals.

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In response to sully16


You bring out very good points regarding this issue and somehow I feel it is equivalent to having someone cut in line in front of you at the grocery store or while sitting in traffic.  However, they are still here illegal. Unfortunately,  they will still continue to play the lottery and with "lottery karma" keep winning the big jackpots which is why you heard scam stories like this over and over. At this point, there is not much anyone can really do about it since the only requirement is that you must be over 18 to play.

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In response to Dollar419

We can do something, we vote for the people who will round them up and throw them out. Secure our boarders, and at least try to make us safer,

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In response to sully16

Again, Sully16 you are so right on the money on this serious issue...but are they any honest politicans out there we could vote for who would exactly do that???  They could say they would but all it takes is one who will step up to the plate and help secure our boarders and make us a little bit safer.  But that will only happen if there is another 9/11,  which by the way was 10 years ago.

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In response to sully16

Sully I agree with you that they shouldn't come here illegally, and we shouldn't provide amnesty to them (well I was OK with the DREAM Act, since they couldn't have come here an an adult and qualified, at least most of them had no choice in coming here in that case) but surely you realize how un-practical it would be to round them all up and kick them out.


The best option, IMO, is to make it easier to legally immigrate here, and then figure out something to do to put illegals on the path to citizenship.  That's a lot easier said that done, because we can't just make it easy - they broke the law.  But if it's too hard, then they'll just ignore it.  It's kind of like tax evaders, every 50 years or so we can provide amnesty from the law - if they come forward and pay their taxes in X amount of time.  We can't do it often, because then people would just evade taxes more, but if we do it once a generation or so - then it'll just bring in more revenue off of people that CAN pay now, just don't for fear of prosecution.


I also find the fact that you say that they don't benefit us in anyway by working and sending the money back home to be wrong, because the cheap labor they provide is beneficial to the general American's standard of living - but if they didn't send money back home and spent it here, then that would be more beneficial, yes.

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In response to pepper1

When they're on tv demanding their "derechos humanos", it is usually in the company of a mob-sized group.

People in mobs tend to be much "braver" than solo acts.

When you go to the lottery office, the "bravery bunch" is not with you.

As an aside, see what "prize" you get if you are caught in another country unlawfully.

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In response to pepper1

Pepper my friend, I respectfully disagree.

They don't need to learn the rules of the lottery because they shouldn't even be here playing the lottery.

They need to obey the laws of our country.

These illegal aliens are cheats and line-jumpers.

There are tons of law-abiding people waiting in line to get into this country, doing it the way we prescribe and these criminals jump in front of them and enter our country illegally and think that they have rights here.

Well they don't.

Illegal aliens have been rounded up and deported before and we could do it again but the dems want them here for their votes and the Republicans want them for cheap labor.

But they don't deserve to win any lotteries or earn a paycheck or have any other benefits after breaking our laws and jumping ahead of all the law abiding ones waiting in line for the opportunities this country provides. When you give something to an illegal it's like a slap in the face to the ones trying to do the right thing. And we show them you don't have to obey our laws because we'll give you rights just for making it in here.

That is wrong at it's core and only encourages more of the same.

I'm so tired of people saying "Oh well, they're already here and there's nothing we can do about it, we might as well give them what they want."

B*ll Sh*t!

Round em up and send em back to get in line or stay the hell out 

And start guarding our own borders like we do South Korea's border.

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umm from what i can tell the only  negative for an illegal alien  claiming a win is the extra %10 tax.  id happily pay that  as long as i get to keep my winnings. from what i hear theres a differnt queue for millionaires than ordinary  poor immigrants.

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I'm more pissed off at people who HIRE them for cheap labor instead of hiring a tax paying citizen who actually needs a job.   The last of my concerns is whether an illegal alien is going to win something with huge odds as the lottery.  I'm more concerned with illegal aliens and crime or illegal aliens and cheap labor.   BTW a lot of bad English in this thread.  Just an observation.  Cool

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In response to savagegoose

 "i hear theres a differnt queue for millionaires than ordinary  poor immigrants."

Well I hope so. We need somebody to help pay for all the welfare checks, foodstamps, education, medical care and all the other social services your "poor immigrants" demand as soon as they get here.

If you feel so bad for your "poor immigrants," why don't you send Uncle Sam a check to help us feed them?

How about it, matey?

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In response to unseen

I agree, There is a new game in town, quite a few Corporations are bringing in  "EXCHANGE STUDENTS"  fOR 8-10 DOLLARS AN HOUR.

About a week ago 30 of the students walked out of a popular candy maker, because there paychecks were docked for room and board,not the only company doing this, this is running rampant among food companies to keep the cost of food down and profits up.

1. Do we really want someone from God knows where touching our food, How do we know there not from countries that hate us. ?

2. Did they have all their shots ?



In response to sully16

Do we really want someone from God knows where touching our food, How do we know there not from countries that hate us. ?

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