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I'm thinking about putting up some online utilities that would assist the Keno player and I'm wondering about the interest level. I'm speaking of the state run keno games not the casino ones. In my state of Mass they run keno all day every 4 mins. I want to sharpen my development skills and was thinking of putting up a simple utility that would show hot or cold numbers. Would there be any interest in that? How about if it worked for any state that has keno?

Would it matter much if it were written using Silverlight? for those of you who are unfamiliar it's simliar to flash and you may have to download a silverlight install.


Thanks for all who reply.

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Quite a few from what I've seen.


Take into account most Canadian provinces use a 20/70 matrix for their provincial games rather than the 20/80 matrix used for almost all games in the U.S.


But why would you write a response in a format that requires a download rather than a text editor (WordPad comes immediately to mind)?


I'll start with US states specifically Mass first. The idea of Siverlight was, as I mentioned, to further my skill set in that area. I'm going to start with a html site and add a silverlight feature at some point.

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all for it. I do play here in Mass. any help appreciated. would be better in excel spreadsheet.
Go for it.


Due to the overwhelming response Big Grin I've already started. I should have a basic site up with the first utility, a ticket checker by this weekend. I'll add more utilities over time.


Thanks. What is it you're looking for in excel?

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Hey KenoMan

Just wanted to chime in as a Keno player also.  I'm in ga and you probably already know they run their draws  on line which I love.   Since you are in another state; ga keno draws would not conincide necessarily with your draws, but I will let you know what I've learned in analyzing a few draws.   Most of the  numbers in a particular draws re occur every 100 draws, there are 297 draws in a 24 hour period in ga.   Its hard to catch the draw you want. but at any rate, its  fun to watch to see if my theory holds up, and it most cases it does.  20/80 numbers are drawn and in my research aprox. 10 of the 20 repeat aprox. every 100 draws.   Good luck with your effort, even though it may not work  for your state, but theories can be helpful no matter what state.   Hope this helps.    good luck

Live and Learn

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"In my state of Mass they run keno all day every 4 mins."

Time is the problem unless you can enter the data, analyze it, fill out a bet slip, and get the bet in on time. Even if it's for the next several games, the results from the one or two games you'll probably miss will affect the hot and cold numbers list.

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Thanks for the info Instyle. Ga is on my list of states to track.

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Time is always a problem. The site will offer simple utilities like ticket checking, number history checking, hot combinations over time. Whatever I think of and deem helpful. It's can be difficult only playing the hottest or coldest but that depends on how long numbers stay hot or cold. I've seen cold numbers stay out 17 drawings before coming back in. Hot numbers are another animal, what determines hotness? consectutive hits is one type, hits over time is another but what is time? 5 drawings ? 10 drawings? 1 day 1 week? Some 5 number combinations hit 4 times a day and dont hit again for weeks if not months. Other 5 number combinations will come in pretty strong for a week then fade off.

Anyway, I've written utilities to see some of these trends and I want to put them online for others to use as well. That's my intention.

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Yes, I like Keno I Played last night and won a few bucks. Check out Rosemarie numbers I play them in Keno. She has good numbers do a search for her. Everytime I play Keno with her numbers I always get something. I almost got 5 one number stopped me 53 it should of been 35. There is another set of numbers she has in Chippie's thread I will play them next.

My favorite is 02,11,12,15 I hit off that 3X's in one month. back in the winter those are some numbers I made up.


we call it Banco here in quebec (20/70) every evening.

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