Fridays " Happy Birthdays " 2/25

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Members Celebrating:
LADYPISCES, rrinhouse2009, dingo, bahama mama, ala225



" Happy Birthday " to ALL members past and present, who are celebrating today.

                                                                Have a great day...!

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Happy Birthday everyone, Have a great day.Party

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Happy Birthday everyone.....have a bless day......Party

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Hello Birthday People of February 25th!!!  In the event any of you cruise by Lottery Post today, there are special Birthday wishes waiting for you.   I hope your day is filled to the brim with Happy Birthday Wishes!!




maggie   See Ya!

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In response to MADDOG10

Happy Birthday: To All the Celebrants!

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DisneyPartyHappy Your day to all my Lottery Post Peeps!  May you have a Healthy Joyous and prosperous day, and the rest of the many, many, many years to come!!

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Seriously, none of my friends remembered today is my birthday. Only guys in Lotterypost remember this. I am so happy. Thanks buddies!

I bought $10 on Mega Millions; won $6. I must reinvest. Sun Smiley

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