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There is no thread for this but it would be interest to see others daily scratcher ventures here

I will start off with tonights

Went to Winn Dixie with $100 on hand. Hit up BDB $20 tickets lost 5 straight. Worst possible start so went to the atm and got $200 and bought another BDB. Won $100 on ticket #012. Next binged on Florida Millionaires Club. I bought 10 tickets in a row #020 - #029 and lost $200. Disgusted I got a Lucky for Life. Won $50. At this point im down $190 for the day. I decided to try to win back my money on Gold Rush and $200 Million Spectacular. Big mistake. After scratching numerous of each I realized I was down to my last $20 !!! So I went and got a $20 Monopoly. Immediately saw 2 trains. My excitement quickly came to a end when both prizes were $5.00 so I just got my $20 back. Bought my 11th FMC and lost so there you go out $300 on the night No Nod

I hope to never repeat such an experience and look forward to hearing other people's outings !

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James, sorry to hear and I'm hoping right along with you that you never repeat that experience again. Now you need a good $1,000 ticket...oops

but see if you can step up and do a once and done. Sometimes it's just right there waiting for you.

Tonight, I was at a disadvantage because, went to my local store to get my numbers in and saw that the lady who hits the machine while

on her shift at the courtesy desk was working then. So grabbed a Monopoly, 2 - 20x the Money tickets and an Eagles ticket and left. $0.00

on all 4...out $20.00 I thought okay, I'll just go on up later on and check it out, buy the same thing and maybe come up with a winner worth

speaking of...but....she's still there. Change of plan....I didn't buy the same thing because I know darn well she sweeps the machine and if

she's not getting out of her seat to go and buy more...then she cleaned them up, in other words: found the winners. So I decide to buy what

she doesn't buy....$2.00 and $3.00 tickets. I got 10 7's tickets thinking maybe there's a shot at the double 7 I haven't found yet...but only got

2 winners for $9.00 total. I got a Crossword, a Cube game and a HoneyComb, which I hate...took them home and nothing. With the extra $1.00

out of the $10, I got a 9's in a Line and won....3 big bucks on that one. The other $10 I got 5 Treasure Hunt tickets and got a moneybag...doubles

the prize but the prize was only $1.00 - shameless use of symbols again in PA - so total win on those - $2.00.

I'm not down an awful lot but maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

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In response to James1

Jame1dont feelbad, i brought 10tickets  before in a roll,every lastone  were losers,ihad my best of luck ,from buying from the machine like at kmarts,ora tliqiorstore,   good  luck Blue Angelplay your birday val8


I'm sorry to hear that, James. With 10 losers in a row on a $20 ticket, I bet someone won big right before. Have a much better day next time you play.

My day was boring. Got money back, but not what I put in.

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In response to MattfromPA

Sorry to hear about your lost. I almost never play scratch-off. Here in China, they have so many scratchers and I sometimes just watch people scratch away 100 to 200 RMB in 1 minute. Tickets range from 5 RMB to 20 RMB. I like to pick my own numbers so I stay away from scratcher but I wouldn't mine scratching one just to see. The key is to scratch only one and if that is a winner then maybe try again but be cautious. Anyway, I hope that you recoup your money back soon.

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I won $5.00 on a Wild Card- $2.00 ticket

Went to the next store and lost the $5.00

Had $5.00 left stopped at my fav party store- chatted with the ladies for awhile- got 2 $2. tickets and went to the car and scratched - won $40 (ticket 111)

Took that back in and got $8.00 worth of $2 tickets and a beer- Won $20 on one and $5 on another

So I now have $40 in cash ..

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Hey James1, There is a thread for posting winning tickets. I posted a few of my winning scratch-offs there. Someone posted a ticket from Mass. that cost $5 with 5 top prizes of $1,000,000.00 you will never get that in Florida.


hello james

were on the same boat....on average if its a bad day for me i would spend about that much....some days if its really bad and i get frustrated i would lose around $500 or more....i would suggest to set a limit....even thought sometimes i still get carried away...good luck on your next scratch ticket.


Put in $40, won $30 back today. Most notable is the clerk asked for a tip on $25 winnings! I've never had someone at Giant ask for a tip before. I didn't give it. What is standard lottery etiquette here?

Someone supposedly won $1,000 from that Giant store today. Again, why couldn't it be me?


Hey Matt, Hang in there stay positive and keep trying.  My guess on the tip is that the person that won $1,000 may have given a tip and now the clerks may think  or at least try for any tip they can get.  I don't blame anyone, times is hard, but I wouldn't tip on anything under 1,000. 1,000 and up, maybe if they are really nice and do their job with a smile.

In response to wish626

Hi! She complained that the person who won $1,000 (on a $20 ticket she said) didn't tip. So perhaps she was mad about that and asked others. Thanks for the tip advice. If I won $1,000 I'd definitely tip some.

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Started today with $200. Head to my lucky Publix store got EVERY $20 scratcher they had until each ticket won. Made it through everything most I won was $20 back 4 times. Just awful. Then lost that $40 at a mom n pop on Florida Millionaires Club. Not so lucky store any more.

Got another $200 went to another Publix again bought every $20 ticket they had. Was up $360 after 5 minutes. Monopoly won $100 and Lucky for Life and Gold Rush both $50. Went to another store bought 3 Gold Rush won $100 on the 3rd ticket. Up $400 now. Went to a BP played Billion Dollar Blockbuster 5 times 5th ticket won $100 still up $400. Went to Texaco played a new book of Florida Millionaires Club. # 000 won $20. # 001 - # 011 lost everything. # 012 wins $20 ...

With $180 in my pocket headed to another mom n pop. Played Monopoly on the 5th ticket I won $100 so still at plus $180. Then played BDB until I had $50 left. Just won $30 once and $20 once cant believe it really. With $50 left bought $25 worth of Powerball and $5 FLA lottery. With last $20 played Lucky for Life and lost. Out $400 today and thought about driving my car into oncoming traffic on the way home ...

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Went to buy some milk from the convenience store and decided to get a quick BDB and Lucky for Life for $40 total ( the guy sells after hours ). Lost on both. Down $440 on the day


I won my biggest 5$ dollar ticket so far (25$) off a game called Black Pearl today. I play scratchers several times a week and it's been a while since i last won anything.

In response to James1

OMG! I bought a $5.00 scratcher today and got back 5. I also bought 2 Powerballs, 2 lottos and a Fantasy 5, so I'm down out $5.00 for the day

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In response to AJ100

I fully agree those tickets and the ease of winning 500- $1000 is long gone
my name was printed in that section of winners 1k and up almost every month.
Now I swear I spend like you said, $100 in a few mintues and walk away with b s
I still get a few good ones here and there but pa. Is absloutely horrible anymore!!
Not even close to what it was from 2010 and before.

In response to Chris$

I agree 100% that PA has changed for the worse in ticket design, payout, odds, etc.  Prior to 2010, my wins were decent and my losses weren't that terrible. Even on a bad month, I'd only be out maybe $200 and I spent alot.  Today, I get probably 20% of my money back, so almost everyday I still question why I play.

In response to Chris$

The return used to be better in MD in like 2001-2007.  Back then I used to play the $10, $5, $3, $2, and $1 tickets mostly.  I think the first $20 ticket was introduced back in 2005 or 2006 and it wasn't bad the odds were good and the min prize was $25.  I didn't play it much though because $20 was steep for me despite playing the other ticket denominations excessively hahaha.



Back then I can tell you this though the $1, and $2 tickets were 100X better than they are now especially with the $1 tickets.   I used to hit $20, $50 and $100 on the $1 tickets much more frequently and it was cool because $1 tickets are so cheap.  They are much worse now it is very difficult to win a prize that is more than $1- $5 on those 2 ticket denominations.  Like I consider $5 a decent prize on the $1 tickets now so I rarely play those the returns are definitely worse now.

In response to PAJenn

I agree. The paybacks really suck.

This weekend I bought quite a few. I had one $40 winner on 7-11-21 and a couple $5 wins. And trust me I put in easily $200. Nothing on the $20 or $10 tickets.

I always get mad because I'm the fool that keeps playing.

I'm on vacation end of the week. I live 20 minutes from WV. I think I may drive there and buy some. The odds seem way way better.

In response to lee57

Don't feel like a fool. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger either. You are not alone in trying to beat the system.  And the PA scratch offs are a system. It's like KNOWING the game is rigged but we still do it.

What's that old saying? You have to hit rock bottom before you get better? Well this is it for me. Every year I  put away $100 a week to go towards my vacation at the Atlantis. This will be the 6th year in a row that my wife and I spend seven nights there.

The money was for gambling at their casino. Even if we both lose over a grand it is worth it because everything is comped. This year it's four nights at the Cove and three nights at the Royal Towers. Well this year I didn't save that much because I thought I was going to hit the PA scratch offs.


They should change the name to PA JERK OFFS.


In response to AJ100

If they change the name to PA-jerkoffs at least players will get a "happy ending" for a change as a result of playing tickets.

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It seems like I just don't have any luck with scratch-offs, I have tried them all from $1 to $20 won $500 on a $2 Jumbo nothing that high since.  So I think that it's more than luck. When I come to Florida I am buying scratch offs!  Also Congrats on your state for winning the PB again!!!!  Something about that Florida coast Sad Wavey

In response to PAJenn

Count me in. I know I just had that $500 win, but that was it. Someone also won $10K at a Sheetz last week I frequent regularly and even played from the pack. It was the new $20 ticket and I had ticket 14. Not sure what the winner was though. 

Otherwise it is bad and I agree with the person who said you know it is rigged but keep playing. I have drastically cut back. The new tickets don't seem good either. I played a bunch of the new ones today.   I got 2 free Tickets out of 4 $1 tickets, I played 7-8 of the $2 with one $4 winner. I played 2 of the $5 with one $5 winner. Also saw 000 of the Neon 9's in the trash. I got 001 and it lost. I went back and it was on 004. Played all the way to 011 with 1-$20 winner. 

I guess there are still decent prizes out there, but with the odds getting worse, they are far and few between. I have said this forever. Get rid of the $1,000,000 top prize on the 20's. Keep max win at say $100,00 and give out more 500/1000 winners.  I remember the days where you would win alot. I even liked the odd amounts. I remember $24 or $48 on $2 tickets and they seemed to be frequent. Enough that you keep playing and win or loss, it was never too bad + or - even. I keep kicking myself. Wish all those years that I worked at a grocery store that I would have saved the odds sheets they use to give us. Would love to have actual proof of the difference, cause we all know it exists..

In response to omiller315

I would like a $20 scratch off that was like a $25,000 top prize.  Maybe they could make 20 of the 25k prizes and take the other 2.5 million (since the MD $20 tickets usually have 3 $1 mil top prizes)  and spread it out along 5k or less prizes.  It would be cool to have more smaller and medium prizes rather than have those tickets be all or nothing.  The 1 mil prize is like an unreachable fantasy for me anyway, I'd just like a better shot at $500 prizes.


I still remember my $500 win from a $1 tic-tac-toe scratch-off I bought from a West Chester gas station way back. But I do agree that prizes now come few and far between. Heres a few tips I would like to share from my experience with scratch offs.

Based on NJ standard of $300 per set of scratch-offs regardless of denomination.

$20 - 15 Tickets per set

$10 - 30 

$5 -   60

$3 - 100

$2 - 150

$1 - 300

Most sets follow the odds set forth by the Lottery, 60% returned as prizes, the rest goes to intended beneficiary and overhead costs. So in a regular set, we should expect on average $180 in prizes. The more attractive the prizes, (20x,15x,10x,5x) the lesser the number of winners in each set. Just like in casinos, where slot machines are clustered in islands, only 1 or 2 of this machines will hit a jackpot. The same way with the scratch-offs. Somehow when the retailer orders them, the Lottery people seem to include 1 set with a big prize, several which sticks with the odds and the rest are losers (which funds the jackpot). 

So it helps to be friendly or in good terms with the retailer. You can ask if there had been any big winner on the game you prefer. If there had been, your chances on that retailer just got lower. I find that sets with small prizes, $2,$5,$10 are indicative that the set are generally losers. 

I like to keep track of the sets from the start. Sometimes the big prizes are on the top of the set, other times its buried in the middle or at the tail or worse its a loser set which means, you can play the whole set and lose a lot. It helps to maintain perspective when playing, that someone ahead of you already got the big prize for the set. So don't go crazy finding whats not there. It might already have been taken.

Here in NJ, I like to play the $5 and $3 crosswords. The biggest I have won is $1K on a $5 cashword in NY. In NJ, I have only gotten $150,$100,$50. Although I have won $500 on $2 tickets. Overall, its a net loss for me but its so addicting, I keep coming back. By the way, if you're chasing the jackpot, it might help to look in odd places where dark characters might want to hide them.


Brought a $300 book of these returned $140


Florida players:


Wondering if anyone has noticed something with GRT..... I just wish there were a way to tell this before buying, but there are some really good batches of GRT and some really bad batches going around....I have found over the last month or so that when I scratch off a GRT, the winners have a darker, more purple type of background, but the losing batches are more a bright pink when scratched off....hard to describe, but it has been completely accurate. The GRT that have been giving me the Hundos to keep me playing have all been that darker background color....when I scratch off a ticket and it has that clean, bright pink background, it's always a loser. Just a heads up, if anyone else has noticed this then please share....I guess this is one time where I don't like it pink on the inside! Ha!!! Couldn't help it!!!!

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In response to OldSchoolHits

There can be variations between different batches, but if winners/losers with differences were on the same roll that would be interesting. If you did get some from the same roll with differences, post photos.

In response to duckman

No, unfortunately they aren't from the same roll. That would definitely be interesting. But just as an example, last week I got a GRT, it broke even, anyway---ended up getting 4 consecutive winners, one of those being a hundred. All of the darker background...get a few of the GRT elsewhere, all losers, all the brighter background. It's just gotten to the point where it definitely is holding true-- The darker background tickets are much better. Just last night, got a GRT on triple zero, it had the coin stack and a single match, twenty dollar winner. Got the next ticket, coin stack and single match again, this time a hundred dollar winner. Again, the darker got a GRT, brighter pink, the next one anyway---loser. So, I wish there were a way to notice BEFORE scratching, but it's just my recommendation that if you are playing GRT and you scratch off a brighter pink background, then stop playing that roll. I've noticed this other times with other different games, but it seems to be happening currently with GRT, at least in South Florida.

I'm ready for a big win!

In response to omiller315

I love how the new ones are the same as all the others. Nothing different.

PA lottery has a great creative team. (not...)


Getting kinda boring to me at least.

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