Would you let your close friend know

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once you win the jackpot??? In my case NO. True friend are hard to find these days even the old one leave you once your life is boring.

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No. Everybody knows 20 people and despite people's best inttentions about not saying anything telling anyone you won could be the worst mistake you'll ever make.

(This is assuming of course you stayed anonymous).

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even you can't trust your relative now a day. When it comes to money, it can change people personality and etc.

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I wandered alone to my home in the mountains

Where in youth's early dawn I was happy and free
I looked for my friends but I never could find them
I found they were all rank strangers to me

Everybody I met seemed to be a rank stranger
No mother or dad not a friend could I see
They knew not my name and I knew not their faces
I found they were all rank strangers to me.

Now they've all moved away said the voice of a stranger
To a beautiful home by a bright crystal sea
And some day I'll meet them all up in Heaven
Where no one will be a rank stranger to me.


I'm an old geezer now and the few friends I have are good ones. I don't reckon I'd feel right keepin a secret like that from them. And I doubt very much they would either. So I can't see winning the jackpot causing any problems with my friends and I would naturally lay some cash on em anyway.

Life's too short and true friends too precious, to undertake a task as arduous as keeping a secret from them. Especially keeping secret an event that would make all of them happy for me.

Nah, I couldn't do it and wouldn't want to do it.

I'd tell em and deal with any potential drawbacks if and when the time came.

My old man once told me that when the sh*t hits the fan, you'll be able to count your real friends on one hand and usually have three or four fingers left over. I believe that and I think I've already got em narrowed down to the good ones.

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my whole entire life I have made a lot friends but once my life is at the very bottom only 2 or 3 are "true" friends I consider. This day in age, it is really hard to find true friends who would stick to you no matter what situation you're in. Even worse, finding the right "girl" or wife is harder now a day in this society.

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In response to rdgrnr

Wow this is great ridge..Which finger is tiggs..:)..

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In response to tiggs95

Five guesses and the first four don't count, lol.


Nah, you're alright in my book, tigger.   Thumbs Up

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In response to rdgrnr

Thanks ridge as long as tiggs in there somewhere..tiggs has always liked to be in the middle and somehow feels that's where he's at..

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In response to tiggs95

LOL, You two are to funny.LOL

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In response to victorl3ichiban

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U<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<!!!!!!better NOT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CRA$H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Puke



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happy day'$>>>>RRRRRR>>>>HERE$$$$$$!

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In response to victorl3ichiban

Nope, not even my closest friend, who happens to be my lovely wife.  Oh I'd tell her, but only after I'd gotten everything situated like I want it from an asset protection standpoint.  I'm not worried about her trying to divorce me and take all the money, but I do worry that she couldn't keep her mouth shut, and people who would do us harm if they could would find out.

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 Actually, I'm a Philanthropist at heart .... so if, or rather WHEN, I win a huge jackpot, (after taking care of close family, friends and myself), I would start a Foundation in my Mother's and my Dad's names - and I would just love to let all the poor and needy come and get it to help them out with their financial needs.  I would put the word out to people in need to "COME AND GET IT! " Nothing else would satisfy me more, because I know that I can't take it with me, it doesn't make any sense to hoard it,  so I'll just have fun giving it away and making others happy too.  After all, I was taught by my parents since I was small that when you have more than enough for what you need, then you have to start giving it away to help others. 

 I love to give, and I think the desire to give is a gift and a treasure, among other gifts that the Heavenly Father has blessed me with.

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yeah i have  2 close pals i would tell, i suspect the new car would be a dead give away to others; who know me slightly, that something is up.

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In response to victorl3ichiban

Same Here, So True! I Agree!

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Oh, I know a great finger game. We played it in North Jersey as kids.....

Look at your hand, either one, doesn't matter. Now going from thumb to pinky, wave each finger as you say, "Pauper, pauper, king, pauper, pauper." Then, keeping in mnd which fingers were paupers and which was the king, all the paupers bow down to the king and the king jumps for joy!

This is also known in some circles as the "New Jersey salute"


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