Do you believe in fortune cookie??

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right after you open it. It always talk about you having fortune or wealthy life. Do you ever believe in it and go buy the lotto afterward?

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I did a couple times.

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Several years ago Powerball had about 100 people win the second prize in 1 drawing. At that time, I believe it was worth 100k to win the second prize and 100 people winning was completely unheard of. When ask about their numbers the 100 winners had played the numbers from a Fortune cookie. The cookie had 5 of the 6 numbers listed in it correctly. So some good results have come from playing Fortune Cookies. But I personally have never played the numbers from a cookie.

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Yes I remember that. It was around 2005 I believe.

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In response to victorl3ichiban

Yes. I consider those numbers to be in a "Numbers that have to be played" category. Nothing says they will hit, but they have to be played. It's kind of a "cosmic" thing.

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Yes, I've played them a few times and I never won jack with them.

I wish I would win jack with them though cuz that's what I drink.

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