Can anyone here generate ALL of the Take Five lotto combinations?


Not just the ones that have already been played, but the ones that haven't either. So all 575,757 of them. Does anyone here have a software where they could do that and send it to me in like a text file or something? I'd appreciate it cuz I'd like to do my own experimenting with it. Thanks.

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PM me with Email address.

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Maybells QuickWheels from Lotto-Logix can print them out and it's free.


01 02 03 04 05

01 02 03 04 06

01 02 03 04 07

01 02 03 04 08

01 02 03 04 09

Do you want all 575757 of them to  35 36 37 38 39?


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In response to steve33825


There have been 3,959 Take5 drawings to date.  There has never been a drawing where all five numbers have repeated.  571,998 combinations have never been drawn. 

Sorry, I dont have any software that could generate the undrawn combos.

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