What is the Highest you won off Instants??

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I am just curous? Once I won $200.00 that was it, it was one Christmas too. about $15 yrs. ago. LOL! sometimes I think those tickets are rip offs!! What do you think? How much have you won off of them. I am waiting to get some tickets from Fl. instant tickets I hope I get some winners Big time. Do you check to see how many winning tickets are out there for the Strarch off tickets. I do that sometimes. least you have a better chance of winning right? I like to go far out for my winning tickets. Nothing has happened yet, but I will I am thinking Possitive. Big Smile

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9 grand


150$ just started playing serouisly 2 months ago

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14,000 three years ago

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I won a $100 twice so far..

looking for that $500+ win!!! one day!!!Embarassed


$800 from a $5 ticket!!  This was back in November.  I haven't had any luck since, but i know that BIG win will come!! Hi, by the way!!!

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$500 on $2 tix, this was like 3-4 yrs ago.  It was my biggest win, I couldnt sleep that nite lolEmbarassed

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$50 bucks on a "Make - a Cashword" Scratchoff ticket


$50. Hopefully talking with others here can help.

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Wow!! I hope I hit the big one today!! I got some tickets coming in from Fl. I am praying that I hit the big one today!!!  I know someone that won 100,00 on an Instant ticket. She brought a house.

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 Two years ago, I hit twice for $500.00--One was from the Double Triple Cashword ($5.00 ticket), and the other was from the Extravaganza ($20.00 ticket). Haven't had much luck like that for awhile. The most I hit now seems to be $50.00.

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In response to pattyk

I hope you have better Luck!! good Luck with your instant tickets!! I hope you hit the big one too!!!

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Wow!!! keep at it. Maybe to day s my day!!!


I tried the $10 Big Winner Spectacular for a change, and first time on a $10 ticket I won $100! So $100 is my new maximum. Are $10 tickets worth playing more?

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When DH and I go to Dallas we play a lot of their scratchers I won $200.00 this pass May on the Ultimate Casino Jackpot & $200 3 times on the BlockbusterSmile

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I won $100 on a Jack-O-Lantern Cash $1 ticket. I usually don't but the $1 ones, but I might just buy a few more.

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I tied my high of $400 last night on a $5 ticket.

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Got a Hundy off a $5 ticket last night/


The most I've won is $25 on a scratcher.  I did once win $100 on a second chance drawing for a scratch off I mailed in.

Haven't done much better, at least not yet.


The most i have won was $100 on a scratch off.

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Let's get some more Winners off the Scrach off Tickets!! Party

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I won 10,000 on a ten dollar scratch off five years ago.....and I won on a second chance drawing for pac man in ohio.

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hi marcie , on 9/17/2010 i bought an instant take 5 scratch off it cost me a dollar i usually dont by those i but the set 4 life but any way i won top prize 5,555 . i started laughing i couldnt believe it i always but the 10 dollar ticket and the most i won on those was 500 and look at this a dollar ticket gave me the biggest pay out lol go figure . good luck 2 all the players i wish u the best .

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$1,500  last fall on a $10 ticket( double lucky x 10)

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$500 2 years ago on a $10 ticket


Back in April of this year, I won $10,000 on the Illinois Lotteries $5 $75,000 Crossword instant. The ticket

is still taped to the lottery machine at the Shell station where I won it. I may ask the owner if I can

have it when he takes it down.... I buy enough tickets there. I'll post it here if he does.


BTW, when I cashed it in, after taxes, it came to $7,200. 25% federal, 3% state.


Prior to that, in November of 2007 I won $5000 on a $3 Candy Cane crossword instant. That win

could'nt have come at a better time. I had only $3 in my pocket, had no money left after paying

the mortage and some unexpected car repairs.

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In response to luteman

Just curious, why does the gas station have the wnning ticket? Do the winning tickets get mailed back to the store after the winner cashes it in?

In FL, anything over $599 has to get cashed in at the lottery office. They kept my tickets the last 3 times I went in their, especially on my big one. I really wanted to keep the ticket where I won a top prize, but they woudlnt give it to me =(


From what I understand, larger winning instants (usually $1000 or more) are given back to the

retailer that sold them after they are claimed/paid. Kind of a "look what a lucky retailer I am"

kind of thing.


It's been that way for as long as I can remember with the Illinois lottery.

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I won 25,000.00 on a 10.00 ticket on 10-04  the ticket is still hanging in the store . It is a copy of the ticket. The real ticket  I had to take to Tifton to cash it inSun Smiley

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