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Someone mentioned in another thread about posting your winning tickets.. so let's get in started.. come on v6 and post some of your winning pick 3 tickets that won..

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Vergie6  Congrats  to you ...   you made a believer out of me . You were the honest ones that i know that post winning tickets.

i do sometimes glance at the post and feel that i can win too. Show us how you display your tickets. What do i need ? a scanner .. then what ? scan and what next ?

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In response to JordanT1021

I mentioned that Jordan.. Jordan it begins with you .. where is your tickets ? lol

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i dont post mine cause i don't know how i need a posting for dummies class first.......  lol

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In response to phyl-T rich

Vergie will show us no worries lol

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In response to JordanT1021

All of my winning tickets are posted on the NC thread for the past few months so if anyone wants to see them they can go there &'s a lot of trouble to go back and retrieve them all and put them here...I just don't see the point in doing it again...sorry!

But if someone else wants to post theirs here that's good!

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In response to addai1516

Thanks Addai!

Go to the help section that Todd has and he tells you exactly how to do it much better than I can.

Click on the link below and scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see how to post images.

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Jordan, Here is my best 4 weeks so far, thanks to some triples...$3160.00

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In response to jbarn884

Very nice jbarn!! WTG on your wins!!


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In response to addai1516

i will post some soon. next time I get a win I will post the pictures.. hopefully that day will be today for nc midday drawing

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Ok Jordan...we had 821 in NC today, the 29th so here is my little one!

And we had 625 on the 27th and here's mine!

And on the 26th we had 159 & here's mine!

On the 24th we had 255 for night & 332 for day so here they are...


On the 23rd we had 605 & here's mine.

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In response to dr65

Thank you, dr65! I sure would love to have a streak like that again!

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On the 17th of June we had's shows the qp too that I played it off of...I had 3 more hits in June earlier but think I'll stop here...they're posted on the NC thread.

Jordan it wasn't as much trouble as I thought since you can just copy it from your post...didn't realize you could do that when I posted it being a lot of trouble...thought you had to go thru the other process...Big Grin Angel

Sorry I forgot the 25th...581 hit and here's mine!

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In response to phyl-T rich

I think a lot of us would post them but do not know how.......



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In response to Jani Norman

I posted the link above where Todd explains how to do it...that's how I learned by following his instructions.

Here it is & you have a platinum membership so it shouldn't be hard to do.

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