Time To Vent!

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I have not been on here in awhile and thought I would do a little venting..

I've been playing the same numbers for the last twenty-three years for supercash,powerball,and megabucks.(badger5 when that came out)

Really haven't won nothing big yet but now add on mega-million more money too spend.

I really believe the odds are in my favor so the wife can keep bitchn' all she wants at me because I will play these numbers till I die...

Tonight is my night to hit!

I will get back when I do!

Have fun all...

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In response to PackMan

A sure way that your numbers will come in is to stop playing them..It has happen to all of us at one time or another..tiggs wife is against gambling but always makes sure he has his money for his numbers..Never give up..Good luck<<<----and that's what it is,luck..

In response to PackMan

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Pacman..... That's my nickname by all my friends and co-workers. I've had that name given to me where ever I lived. I think it's because my real first name is off by just one letter, and it must be hard-wired in humans to think of that name by

Nice to meet you packman.....Green laugh

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Packman you don't seem like your having fun...maybe you should pack it in for awhile. no pun intended. give it a break than go back maybe your luck will change. good luck.

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In response to sully16

PackMan if you do what sully is saying listen to tiggs..Never and tiggs means never look at the results when you quit..

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i have a vent,


i still have the numbers in a spread sheet from the time  i played on a registered player card with my ex's name on it. instead of handing over coupons you can hand ovcer the card and all numbers you want played are on the card.


anyhow the numbers keep pulling $30 $40 wins, so i go and buy a ticket then nothing.

i really should delete the numbers from my spreadsheet.  as i will really vent if a jackpot hits, and i dindt buy a ticket. losing half to the ex if i did win would still make me happy, its still better than no win at all.

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In response to PackMan

Pacman, nice to meet you! Just to add my 1/2cent in, I remeber sully16 saying once something to this effect and its my sentiment, as well, I liked her ever since when will I stop?

"'until they pried my pen/pencil from my cold dead fingers"  

You hear that tiggs!

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Green laughlmao yep, that says it all.

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"I really believe the odds are in my favor......"


You have got to be whacking us!

They're coming to take me away, ha ha

A room is waiting for you at the Institute for the Lottery Insane

In response to tiggs95

I have to agree with tiggs on a portion of this. If you're playing QP's, then it's okay to take a break but, don't ever look back at any of your OLD TICKETS. Also, if you have a dedicated set of numbers you like to play, then don't ever look at the results, as tiggs says, because you'll automatically know you've missed out when your numbers show up.

You can Google all the "If only I had played!!!" people and their stories. Don't end up like them. As the old saying goes..."What you don't know can't bother you." Good luck!!!



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In response to jrosina

Thats what I say.  I don't smoke, drink, do drugs or party.  I don't even gamble when we go to Vegas on vacation.  So I feel okay about spending a few dollars a month on on a fun fantasy that may just come true one day.

That being said,  again I say........



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In response to PackMan

Odds are odd,  and I hope they are in your favor tonight.  The one thing about this site is this,   and that is, that there are odds people here that are not odd but sometimes overly dependent and oddly overly pragmatic on telling others how astronomically odd the odds are,  I include myself,

so don't feel odd playing.  Because the odds are 100% you will not "hit"  if you ain't in it.

From Wikipedia:

In probability theory and statistics, the odds in favor of an event or a proposition are the quantity p/1-p , where p is the probability of the event or proposition. The odds against the same event aren 1-p/p .

For example, the odds that a random day of the week (7 days) is a Sunday are:

(1/7)/1- (1/7) = (1/7)/ (6/7) = 1/6  the odds against 6/1 = 6

but not 1/7. [to avoid confusion with ordinary fractions, this is often shown as 1:6 and called "one to six"]

In response to savagegoose

Good attitude!! Some is always better than none in this case. I know some hard core "separatees" who feel that having to split millions of dollars with their "not so significant other"  wouldn't even be worth winning! You can only imagine what I was thinking...maybe my expression gave it away.

"If I can't have the whole 100 million, then I don't want any of it!!!" I was like, "Okay, you're in debt up to your a**bone, your business is in jeopardy, you're not gonna get the house, your kids may want to go to college, and you'd turn down all that dough just to spite your EX??????"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why your business is can't make the smart business decision to protect your best interest!!!!! You have to give up some money to get or make some, buddy!!!"

See, women are different from men...and I know this. If it came down to this situation for a chic, she'd get (6) speeding tickets trying to get to the lottery office just so she could claim it and GET HER CUT!! The LAST thing on her mind is her EX!! It's MONEY TIME for her!!! Trust me on that one...and hope she hits!Thumbs Up 


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In response to jrosina

tiggs hears yah..What yah getting on tiggs about jrosina we go way back sweety..You give tiggs numbers???? and tiggs plays'em..tiggs was just giving the venter some sound advice..Ease up woman...Money by Ronnie Milsap..

In response to tiggs95

I'm listening to "Stranger In My House" as we speak. Just classic...



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