Anyone here from California?

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If so how can I post California related lotto topic here?

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If you want to discuss Mega Millions and Superlotto, go to Jackpot Games forum; if you want to discuss Pick 3, then choose Pick 3 forum. I hope this help. There are many types of forum you can go to. I hope this is the answer you're looking for.

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Pick 3 Forum: Discussion of Pick 3 games

Pick 4 Forum: Discussion of Pick 4 games

Pick 5 Forum: Discussion of Pick 5 games

Jackpot Games Forum: Discussion of jackpot games (Mega Millions, Powerball, state P6 games)

Mystical Forum: The opposite of scientific and mathematical (mystical discussion centers on topics such as meditation, visualization, dreams, psychic powers, astrology, metaphysical, and the supernatural)

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Lottocal gal here,

I'm listening!!!!!!

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hello lottocal gal, what are you strategy when playing the lotto such as super lotto plus, fantasy 5 and CA scratchers? I am not having any luck winning even like $10-$100.

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I left you a PM, Victor.

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I'm based in Cali--playing MM/SL/Fantasy 5/Daily 3/Daily 4--i.e. missed by 1 digit on 4/25/10; Daily Derby--GOOD LUCK TO YOUWink

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