Thanks to all Veterans on Lottery Post

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Thank you for your service to our country. We wouldn't have our freedom if not for you.

Thank you.

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I am a proud veteran and appreciate your kind words. I met a gentleman, monday in Publix. who served on board the ship which MacArthur signed peace treaty. Introduced myself, shook hands and thanked him for his service. If you are lucky enough to meet one, feel honored.

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I Agree! To whoever has worn the uniform for this GREAT country I salute you you are the best and deserve way more than I know you get.


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Much appreciated!

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I use to go to the dog track and horses all the time in Fla with a co-worker and good friend who served in Korea..He's dead now but he was the unluckiest man alive and with a temper when he lost,all the time,but when the band played the National Anthem at the tracks he would stand at attention just like he did while serving..Guess it was in his blood..Great guy but a loser and with a temper..Not a good mix if you was his friend and with him all the time..RIP..


Your Welcome.....



US Flag     Thanks to all veterans for keeping my family and my country safe!!!   US Flag

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To all my fellow veterans I salute you for a job well done. We have given so much and have asked for so very little. I salute the veterans that gave their lives so that others may enjoy the things that so many people take for granted. We all paid a price. So my fellow comrades, I wish all of you a peaceful veteran’s day.



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PatriotPatriotPatriotUS FlagPatriotPatriotPatriot


Thank you Veterans!!

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PatriotYes, thank you!

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US ARMY 69-71 wheel and track vehicle mechanic.

Thanks to all the men and women who serve and served as well as those who fought and died for our country.

Pray for all the disabled vets then and now who still seek and need medical care.




I Agree!  God Bless all of our Veterans and Men and Women local and abroad serving our country. Be safe and hurry home.Also the families that have lost so much. I will never forget what i have seen. USAF


Thank you, Retired from U.S. Army in Finance and Accounting.  I loved every minute of my time served.

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