Hey guy if i wanted to play...


Hey guy if i wanted to play...... in other states how would I go about doing that.


Hello Lingrid . Where you post your predictions at top there is a slot thats says state by the side of it and states in side  use that drop down menue to choose which state  :) Good luck with predictions

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Hi do you know of any sites in which i can play online?

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Look to the left of your post.  See in the left column the white box that says USA MEGA that's the best place if you expect to collect when you win.  Sites that let you play all games don't buy tickets, they bank their own bets and pay a fraction of the jackpot if you win according to their fine print.   BobP

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Hello Lingrid and welcome to Lottery Post!

There are mulitiple places that you can play online, but I think only a few handful are trustworthy. You'd have to do a google search to find them because we are not allowed to post them here.

Hope this helps!

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