Gap Strategy - MegaMillions - 012309

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Gap Strategy - MegaMillions - 012309

My Alphanumeric substitution sequence and point structure inventory and trend charts suggest
that the next winning combination (012309) will be a 4-point structure.

In other words, the combination will have 4 of the 6 number groups.

Specifically, the best possible structure is - BCDF.
A secondary 4-point structure is - ACEF.

Therefore, these are my plays, which were generated by using
Gap Strategy workout GNR V2.

4-point structure: BCDF
12 number wheel for 5 combinations

4-point structure: ACEF
12 number wheel for 5 combinations

Top contenders for 3-point structure plays are: BDE and ABE.
Top contenders for 5-point structure plays are: ABDEF and ABCDE.

Use these combinations at your own risk.

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Winning combination - = ABCCC+A = ABC




Poor choices!

Going to replay the structures next drawing.

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