New Michigan Program

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Just saw this thing called Instant Replay announced on the Michigan Lottery homepage.

Looks like players can enter $10 bucks of losing tickets into a $1,000,000 drawing. Sounds pretty darn cool to me. Got to be a member of their VIP club to enter your tickets.

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Sounds like a good idea to me. Oklahoma tried something similar for a very short time, and it seemed to be very popular. Not sure why they stopped it.


Virginia is trying that now.  Turn in $20 of losers for chances at a prize.  I think they are doing it to promote more Va. Lottery sales.  Not long ago a radio news update said Virginia had slowing sales.  I rarely itch, though.  Myself I like the number games better.


You know?  The strange thing about it is that every store I go to has tickets in their trash can next to the lottery stands, people are throwing them away!   Confused

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